Russian mind does not understand

Despite the influence of the West, in Russia still have things that we can consider a national treasure.
They never go away.

Exhibit №1: Toilet of the "Point»

There are many types of products, but the most severe, as we know - is topped with toilet tiles. The world community fighting for something to hygiene, create special wipes, toilet seat and spends millions of dollars, but we came up with at the time the system of non-contact discharge, the essence of which is to keep zheppu in limbo and exclude direct interaction zheppy surfaces and the device ... it to us far

Exhibit №2: Water Dispenser

Personal water supply for many gardeners. Google analog, but never found.

Immediately touch on resonant themes (public needs) and rolls into the studio exhibit number three!

Exhibit №3: (drum roll) Bad roads

Of course, bad roads can be found around the globe, such as but not on the main streets of our cities. This is our point of interest and we should be proud of it ... and you can still sell as national souvenir dolls instead)

Exhibit №4: bread blue buckets

An average congressman in CIG no Mercedes or Maybach mogalkoy with them ... to us far


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