While we are alive, we still have a chance to rise above - to take at least one more height in the way of our spiritual ascent

Fifty million eight hundred eighty nine thousand six hundred thirty two

I don't know how old you are, my reader, but I think you would be interested to know that:

*Marcus Cato*, a Roman Senator, learned Greek at 80.

*Socrates* at the age of 70 years learned to play many musical instruments, and had mastered the art to perfection.

*Michelangelo* created his most significant paintings at the age of 80 years.

80 *Goethe* finished his Faust.

German historian *Leopold von Ranke* your Mirovuju istoriju graduated in ' 91.

*Isaac Newton* in 85 years was occupied by the tireless activity.

*Leo Tolstoy* at age 83 was ruled on the field with a scythe so that he could not keep up with the young mowers. The gray-bearded author Vainy and Mira these pochtennyi letha skated, biked, rode horses and squatted Pistoletto (on one foot) more than 40 times!

American composer and conductor *Igor Stravinsky* worked up to 88 years.

The poet *Berenger* worked up to 77 years.
*Leo Tolstoy* up to 82,
*Victor Hugo* — to 83;
academician *Ivan Pavlov* up to 87,
the ancient Greek playwright *Sophocles* — up to 90 years

Philosophers *Diogenes* and *Democritus*, painters *Titian* and
*Michelangelo* showed creativity by going abroad of the eightieth;

*Bernard Shaw* worked up to 94 years...

By the way, not so long ago American scientists, together with their European colleagues, has published a sensational discovery:
it turns out that the human brain does not develop until 25-30 years, as previously thought, and up to 50 years. Moreover, if a person continues to engage in active mental activity, the aging brain is almost not happening!

Why am I all that you say?

Only one:
there is no disease *old age*, and there's only the wrong mental attitude.
*Don't believe everything you hear — even if it is distributed in your own head*, says renowned psychiatrist Daniel Amen.

All of the biggest barriers and obstacles in our life is within us.

Break them!

Our soul, our inner strength have no age.

While we are alive, we still have a chance to rise above — to take at least one more height in the way of our spiritual ascent.

Don't wait for better times — the best time can be only one.
It's called "now"! ©

Throughout life there are different crises. The above-described personality created masterpieces, or learning languages after undergoing crises. And that means the crises they were successful. After that, the person closest to your Soul and its true purpose. So, why am I writing this, today time is greatly accelerated. Since the beginning of the last century (according to scientists) the rhythm of life is increased by 80 times. And us in connection with this lucky)) we have the ability, and it is psychological, spiritual and personal development, to pass all the tests faster, and its purpose, if it has not yet been found. After all, our soul came to earth for the mission. And every mission.

I wish everyone to find his way and his life!


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