Specifics of the real estate market of Astana

Seventeen million six hundred forty five thousand four hundred twenty three

In 1998, Astana officially became Kazakhstan's capital, although it is inferior to the number of people in the former capital, Almaty. Population just over a million people, it continues to grow.

The fact that the city became the capital, of course, affects the situation on the real estate market. If you analyze the numbers, for example, over the past five years, the biggest volume of commissioning of new buildings was recorded in 2016 and in 2017 there was a sharp decline.

Indicators of 2017 dropped even lower volumes of commissioned housing in 2012, which is due to the General crisis, falling demand, reduced purchasing power and activity. But still Metropolitan housing interest to many users of more than square meters in other regions. Read more about the situation on the housing market in Astana you can find out if you go to the website Analytics, surveys, forecasts.

Specifics of the real estate market of the city
The most active in terms of acquisition of houses and apartments themselves residents of the capital wishing to improve their living conditions. The great interest shown by the residents of the nearest and more distant suburbs, willing to move to the capital. Astana is considered to be a promising region for young professionals, students, students, entrepreneurs. Features:
  • The city is a leader in terms of the proposals. So, if to analyze the situation in the whole country, about 35% of all proposals accounted for by the capital.
  • Actively built new buildings, although they show a decline compared to the boom of 2016. People in buildings attracts a completely new approach, a different concept of housing. Housing complexes are created by European technology, look presentable, often more than high ceilings, large Windows. Such architectural differences are especially noticeable on the background of the residential housing Fund, which were actively built since the middle of last century and until the end.
  • There has been growing interest of buyers to the objects with loose or non-standard layout. Increasingly buyers comfortable apartment with a European layout, Studio apartment and the objects with a free plan. The owners have the opportunity to realize interesting architectural solutions.

Buy supported mortgage programs
Often developers before the start of construction to announce the cooperation with partner banks offering the best interest rate on the mortgage. Developing and the trade-in program, which is characteristic for almost all European capitals and major cities of the Asian region. The system trade-in allows to simultaneously implement the secondary housing, and its cost is considered as a partial repayment of the prices of new apartments.


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