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Astana - is a real exhibition of the oil and gas industry. A city of the future of science fiction with good hotels and shops. However, for a normal life, it is not much suitable. Why is that? The answer will learn under the cut. She did not have enough "meat". Maybe in 50-100 years, if the oil and gas industry will continue to be allowed to build a new world on the steppe, Astana gradually become a city. To do this would be 3 times all to demolish and build anew, to correct errors. While this Expocentre showing foreigners the new Kazakhstan may build a city in the midst of the steppe.
Astana - a young city, the capital was moved back only in 1997, and later began active construction. This is the main problem of Astana. It is very difficult to build a comfortable city from scratch. However, it is a problem of all new cities. Whether it's Brazil or the Brazilian government completely brand new city of Putrajaya in Malaysia. I have been in many of these cities. This is completely alien to human nature huge space cluttered skyscrapers of computer games. They do not scale, comfortless, soulless.
Jan Gehl once coined a special term "syndrome of Brasilia" and another - "Helicopter urbanism." All this is built on the plan of the cities that look good from the bird's-eye view. Architects often plan a city so to get a nice layout that you can "sell" official. Gail has a very accurate description of such architects: birdshit architects. Architects, like birds, throw on the heads of the inhabitants of your shit work.
Residential complex

Astana should be viewed from a plane ... Look how beautiful parks, avenues and gardens:
If you do not have a plane or a helicopter, then Astana can be viewed from the window of a large white SUV. Mchishsya along the wide avenues around the shiny new skyscrapers of Dubai right. Astana for the rich, young and successful. Astana - a city of the future of sci-fi movie, you know where everything is so beautiful, futuristic flying machines, gleaming skyscrapers, and at the bottom, on the lowest level, a ghetto for losers. You can only teleport from "point A" to "point B". And well, if you have the money to visit the "point B" and the ability to move quickly.

Let's begin with sad: akimat (mayor's office) of Astana. Most of the buildings are so mediocre and miserable that surprised at all, as they could be born. As the capital-rich Kazakhstan City Hall may look like Privokzalny shopping center, I do not understand.

Near some more administrative building.

Architecture Astana weak and incompetent. Sometimes it seems that most of the buildings copied from some computer games of the 90s.

City center.

Some people here seem to like the space theme. Many of the buildings are built in the style of Cosmo techno-modern.

At first glance it does not look like, but it's a rocket.

The symbol of Astana

The main boulevard, then all the walking in the summer.

Many buildings were designed explicitly schoolboy in 3D-Max. It seems the grandson of the chief accountant of the akimat received the order.

People have stereotypes. From childhood, everyone remembers that "Stalin skyscrapers - it's cool." The train of progress for a long time had gone forward, but we still decided to build something monumental pompous. It looks silly and vulgar. As if you were in a cap-budennovke walked down the street.

Kazakhstan is well hooked on the centuries-old fantasy of Soviet Architects. However, we also like this. I'm sure some Gazprom-Rosneft Sberbank gladly would build himself such an office.

I understand that it is a reconstruction of the old Soviet sockets?

The Russian Embassy in Astana is in a building here. In order not to stand out.

After all this splendor usual sleeping quarters look chic. Just rest for the eyes.

It is worth noting that Astana is still good architects are invited, and the city has a dozen fairly good buildings, but the total mass of all the horror of their unnoticed.

Let's go to the other side, there is the Soviet Tselinograd preserved buildings that were founded during the construction of the new capital.

Five-story building decorated with stucco. The most comfortable place in the city.

The rest of the way.

Kazakhs are not indifferent to the Ponte. You can not just do the normal entrance to the building. How to build the house of the Kazakh? Go to the market and say: "Give me the most expensive stuff that you have!". He is given a polished marble. It is this marble stones everything. Then winter comes (and here it is 9 months of the year), and on this polished marble all fall down and break. No problem. It is possible to put a carpet!

Level institutions can be estimated on the rails and the carpet at the entrance.

If the owner of a shop or a cafe bummed air conditioning, it should definitely put in front.

Like in Almaty, no one thinks about the appearance of the city. Each draws up his shop or cafe, as he wants. What is happening outside the window, there is no one cares. Remember, Astana - it is only from "point A" to "point B».

So here it is as caring for the disabled. Written - to make a ramp that's done. Handsomely? Beautifully.

Akim told to make the ramps on the sidewalks. What type of barrier-free environment, an important theme of the city. Done. To suddenly no one on the ramp has not gone down, he fenced off a curb.

Not all have enough money to rent himself a shop on the ground floor, so someone at the second store. These are the complete construction of the ladder.

Someone has decorated the entrance to a pharmacy.

Someone scored a place to park.

Someone has no place, and he puts the car as it is conveniently

Conveniently like that. It has a large black SUV, and you feel like a second-class by shit. That is the dude did not even pressed against the side of the road. Just dropped in all.

Astana - for the young and successful, the remaining bypass.

Sidewalks? No, not heard. In general, in the countryside. Then his little sampling of people interested. Each fence paints himself 3 times a year, but the total road 10 years can be broken.

As with any abnormal city, Astana, like subways. They got it from the Soviet Tselinograd. To go to the underground passage, it is necessary to worship as ceiling height here 1.60

It reminded me:

It is said in Astana very clean

Not only in winter and not everywhere.

Astana - one of the coldest capitals in the world. People should not forget about the summer, all the fences prints with green meadows.


In Astana, love to console themselves: "We have a cold, so nobody goes on foot." The level of motorization in Astana - 350 cars for every 1,000 people. The city is made for the 35%. The other 65% have to know what to strive for.

In 2050 in Kazakhstan will be all right.

Source: zyalt.livejournal.com


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