Bad news for fans of racing in Chile

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14 may it became known about the refusal of Chile to conduct the Dakar rally on its territory. The country has already conducted a marathon in 2015, and everyone worried about why she won't be able to do it in 2019. The question of why the rally was canceled, answered the country's sports Minister Pauline Cantor.

According to the politician, the country is now experiencing not the best times, the most pressing issue for the state at the moment is finding a way to stabilize the economic situation. At the moment of conducting of races no funds. The country is actively engaged in the program make economical use of resources, plus large amounts of money are spent on training for the Olympics, which will be held in 2020 in Tokyo. Now the social issues are paramount. They are paramount. Those resources that can be allocated to host the world sports event at the proper level, not enough for a decent reception, course preparation and security at the time of the race.


A few words about the history of racing
It is worth mentioning that racing the Dakar rally lead their history since 1978. Transcontinental marathon is held every year, collecting on their sites a large number of participants and fans. Originally the race was called the "Rally Paris-Dakar" and was conducted only in Europe and Africa, but, since 2009, the marathon began on the slopes of South America. In addition to drivers, rally cars, in racing, you can meet the participants at:
  • motorcycles
  • ATV,
  • all-terrain vehicles,

And even trucks, that attracts an even greater number of racers and spectators. For the winners of the marathon prepared a substantial prize Fund. Fans can also get rich on the winners, bet on bukmekerskoy office. Working mirror Mostbut today and now gives you the ability to do it from the comfort of home is enough of a personal computer or tablet with Internet access.

Returning to the subject of Chile, while in 2019 the holding of the marathon and considered it impossible, the state planned active work in economic terms and it is quite possible that in 2020 the country will be able to take on their sites the famous race. Although to ensure this outcome is impossible, fans might be a little hope and follow the news auto/Moto sports.



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