What is purifieri and how do they work?

Today there are several ways of obtaining clean water at home or in the office. The first option is to install the filter pipeline. But it is not always beneficial. The second option is more simple: put the cooler and then in bottles for him to order water. But where to store them? You can also buy a purifier in Moscow, and the problem with the tanks right away. What is this device?

What is a purifier?In appearance this device resembles a regular cooler. If you look, you will find that it is his modification. Not only my body he's like the cooler, but the principle of operation. The incoming liquid is now cooled. But it is not coming from the plastic container, and directly from the water. However, liquid this unit already generates independently.

It is important to know that in the lower part there is a device that is able to reliably filter the water. Often, such equipment is called akabara. This device is multifunctional as it is able to perform the following activities associated with the water supply:
  • cleans;
  • disinfects;
  • improves the taste;
  • cool;
  • fuels.
A purifier is able to very quickly cool the water to + 4 ° C. This is much faster than in the fridge. While heating is possible even to boiling.

Features purifierso this device is designed to feed from the ordinary water of purified water for further cooling or heating, it does not mean that it should be next to the crane. Place it in any convenient location. After this unit is connected to the pipeline by means of a flexible hose whose length can be up to 100 m. This hose can be closed even skirting.

The purifier is a water filtration system. It may be different extent of cleaning. Filters need to be replaced periodically. In addition, such devices are equipped with bactericidal UV lamp. This allows to reliably disinfect drinking water. Although such devices and are expensive, but they are very quick to justify themselves. Water will be purified and cooled. And if you need to quickly prepare tea or coffee, do not have to turn on the kettle.


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