13 good stories about people who were not indifferent

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Kindness is what makes each of us stronger, whether it is the smile of a passerby or given a chance to live. Kindness is what makes us get out of bed.

We at the Site believe that every good deed deserves a gratitude and, most importantly, can not go unnoticed. So we bring you another collection of cases which show that acts of kindness can make each one of us.

13. The teacher every day the patient visits the student

This Iranian boy suffering from cancer, but his teacher every day visits him in the hospital to work out with him and catch up.

12. The woman built a street lockers for the homeless so that everyone can help the needy

Texan helps those in need with a normal locker. Their concept is simple: anyone can put things Essentials or rent them for free. Now people fill these miracle lockers diapers, school supplies, personal hygiene products and food.

11. Dog-sapper followed to the grave with the honors of a war hero

Labrador named Cena served as a sapper in the corps of Marines of the USA. Recently the dog was diagnosed with bone cancer in terminal stage. The last way Cena was seen off by a crowd of thousands, among whom were police officers, firefighters and concerned citizens. Lethal injection Blue made on Board the Museum ship.

10. Ariana Grande has raised more than $ 12 million to the victims of the terrorist attack

Ariana Grande and her team managed to raise more than $ 12 million to the victims of the attack, which occurred at the concert of the singer. All the money was spent on the funeral and the treatment of victims.

9. The dog guarded his master until the arrival of the ambulance

The young man cut tree branches near his home, but at some point fell from 2 meter height and hurt my back. He momentarily lost consciousness and when he awoke, he found his dog Tony on his chest. The dog guarded the master before the arrival of specialists.

8. In Canada, the adolescents returned the stolen motorcycle when they found out that it belongs to the boy

Recording Mel Flasher on Facebook about the stolen bike has gained viral popularity. When stolen motorcycle teenagers stumbled upon it, decided that it should be returned. The next day Mel saw that the bike was returned with a full tank and new castle, having attached to it a letter of apology.

7. Caring rescued puppy, completely covered with resin

In Argentina, 2 young men drew attention to the dog, which is from foot to head were covered with thick and sticky resin, and called the police. 5 hours long puppy rescued from tar captivity and were still able to do it, even despite the hopelessness of the situation. Now the brave dog happy and healthy!

6. In England, the bikers staged a prom girl that was made fun of in school

In England, the motorcyclists made a touching gesture to support 16-year-old Shannon, Pusifer. The girl was bullied at school because of arthritis and colitis, and as reported by her mother on his page in Facebook. 120 men and women came to spend the evening with the graduate, her family and friends.

5. The captain of the yacht rescued the kitten, who was thrown from the bridge

35-year-old Jordan Smith became the witness of how someone thrown off a bridge into a river animal. The man pulled a frightened cat with fishing nets and took him to the vet and expressed his intention to leave saved yourself.

4. A police officer saved the life of 3-year-old boy when he stopped breathing

A police chase Miller saved the life of 3-year-old boy who stopped breathing due to a bout of fever. The guard realized that is in the same area with the victims when the call came in from the rescue services. The kid did a heart massage and artificial respiration, after which it began to breathe.

3. Little boy saved his mother by using Siri

On the panel of the British police received a call from a little boy named Roman who told the dispatcher that his mother was not breathing and possibly dead. He took the iPhone and unlock using your finger her, and then asked Siri to contact emergency services. Now, Roman's mother all right!

2. Hungry teen received a $ 270 thousand instead of donuts for lunch

To Matt white came 15-year-old and offered to bring his purchases to the car in exchange for donuts for my mom and myself with a disability. Instead of donuts, Matt organized a fundraiser. The amount of donations reached $ 270 thousand this money will be spent on the education of the boy and a new house for his family.

1. All prize money from winning Euro 2016 — ill children

Cristiano Ronaldo has long been known for their generosity. Recently a man refused € 275 thousand for a victory in Euro 2016 in favor of children with cancer. Thus the player came with winning the UEFA Champions League. The total amount of donations the player to charity exceeded € 10 million.

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