A review of school textbooks. Comparative characteristics and distinctive features of qualitative benefits

All the teachers have different experience, skills, worldview, and therefore the textbooks for the children they choose are totally different. Some people prefer a rigorous academic presentation of the material, some prefer books aimed mostly at the development of a child's thinking and ability to analyze.

As good teachers, and caring parents want their young wards learned from the best and enjoyed the convenient learning AIDS. Let's compare some of the textbooks and determine the main features of qualitative material for school lessons.

The structure of the books
Take for example the geography textbooks of Ukraine for the 8th grade. The authors of one of them are Shyshchenko P. G. and Munich N. Century, and other wrote Uvarova G. S. and Pestushko V. Y. In the first book, a volume of 240 pages, the material is well structured and is divided into theoretical and practical part. Separately presented the required tasks for independent execution. The second tutorial also has a clear structure and contains additional background information on the subject. In addition, the authors include a brief Glossary of special terms and expressions.

Both books can be called classic educational benefits because they met the internal consistency of information, and new materials are fed to the maximum available.

The style of presentation
Another distinctive feature of many textbooks is the manner of presentation of the author, his approach to teaching. Some books are written very cautiously, a step not departing from the specified topic areas. The authors of other textbooks have approached to business creatively and presented the material so that the book becomes not only useful, but fascinating. With these books a pleasure to work with both children and teachers.

More than in the book illustrations, diagrams, special pages with tasks, a separate explanatory framework and supplementary materials, the less the students will be distracted from the learning process during the lesson. In addition, this style of presenting information helps children to better remember and understand what they are trying to teach.

Some teachers complain about the textbooks in which the material is presented in illogical or inconsistent. Another problem is the small number of examples and problems on the practical application of the theoretical part. Tasks too difficult for children's understanding.

It is essential that the information was not only useful but also convenient presented the eye of the reader in the pages of the book. Here again plays the role of the quantity and quality of the graphical content of the textbooks, explaining tips and special blocks with the most important moments.

Try to compare yourself following tutorials to better understand what can be called a truly high-quality learning aid:

  • The Foundation of health. Grade 8 (Vorontsov, Ponomarenko).
  • The Foundation of health. Grade 8 (Tagline, Kuzmina).
  • Physics. Grade 8 (Korshak, Lyashenko).
  • Physics. Grade 8 (syrotiuk).

Deciding what benefits to purchase, you need to remember that textbooks cheaper to buy in bulk in stores that work directly with publishers. So you can save a considerable amount of money.


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