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The state Duma "under the curtain" of the spring session, as reported by all the news technologies of communication, received the law-the regulator messengers. In fact, by defining the legal concept of "messenger," his service duties. Data subscriber numbers are now transferable to a third party only with the consent of the user that is clearly expressed in the registration.

Messengers of all registered Russian legal entities (individuals) can identify the users themselves, in the room, except for conclusion of licensing agreement of the organizer of the service with the operator. Although access is limited only by the court messenger after receipt of the requirements of Roskomnadzor should limit the transfer wrongful, in particular, extremist information. Search algorithms are able to focus on semantics.

Messenger prescribed software:
• confidentiality of communications;
• failure to receive messages of the user;
• send the message to the state authorities by Federal law.
Regulation initiates sanctions for operators of the messengers is in violation of the law (or promoting it). As reported by technology news, user-fines and bans – not scheduled. Operators self-monitor and suppress samegeneral, when complaints to Roskomnadzor.

A bill regulating sotssetevyh responsibility. It denies access (using any methods) access to the locked resources of the Russian Federation (all proxies, VPN services, anonymous networks such as Tor, Freenet, I2P). The service owner-networks need to take access to the state Register of Roskomnadzor. Prohibited links to operators of search engines for blocked resources. To monitor such access will be to the FSB and the interior Ministry.

GD banned proxies (access to locked resource). Even if the law access was prohibited, such a "bypass" technology was used. The proposed owners of anonymizers, operators of search engines to block access on the Register of Roskomnadzor.

The goal is to prevent the negative use of the bypass when distributing forbidden material, in violation of the exclusive rights. Law-abiding citizens, business users have no reason to worry. Exceptions: encrypted network entities that use the services of corporate, cancelled the Registry-2014 (bloggers). Now ISPs are blocking VPN services, under the supervision of law enforcement.

The law will apply force in November-December, after signing by the President.



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