15 tips that can save a life if you are attacked on the street

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Unfortunately, people are different. We hope that we will not get in the way of bullies, but what to do if such a meeting takes place, all must know.

The website shares techniques that will help to escape in dangerous situations.

  • If you are attacked from behind, bend your arm at the elbow, top hand grasp the other hand and hit the attacker with full force with his elbow. If successfully hit, will immobilize the enemy for a few seconds, which is enough to escape.
  • Girls quite effectively stepping on the heel of the foot to the enemy.
  • If the attacker tries to choke you, grab his little fingers and start to twist hard.
  • If you have a bag there is some tools that can be sprayed, they need to try to get and using them to neutralize the enemy, Presnov his face.
What to do if you want to Rob

  • If the thief threatened you with any weapons, not engage him in a duel. Don't argue and give all that he asks, even if it is very valuable.
  • Pay attention to the details of a criminal's appearance: moles, scars, tattoos.
  • Do not go home, immediately go to the police the robber will look for, the more chances that you get back your values.
What to do if you are attacked in an enclosed space

  • If the person coming up behind you in the stairwell, in any case not hide in the Elevator or basement because the probability that the criminal will run up there with you.
  • Run out of the house, preferably in the direction where you can meet people, or easy to break away from persecution.
  • Indoors, by contrast, do not use sprays: they can get you into the Airways and you will not be able to escape.
Take precautions
  • Do not run immediately. First, overcome any obstacle (cross the road, go around the corner or get on the subway), and then start to run.
  • Talk to any passers-by. Go ahead and keep the dialogue until you see that the Stalker behind. Typically, a criminal will not attack a person if he is not alone.
  • If the taxi driver seems suspicious, you should immediately end your trip. Sitting in a taxi, always send the native number.
  • No need to wait for a direct threat: if you are confused dark road or a dubious company on the bench in the Park — go the other way. If the porch light is not lit, wait for neighbor to come along, or ask you to meet.
  • Always keep loved ones know where you are and when you get home.
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