23 lyapa from school textbooks, which immediately us this year

Second quarter comes to an end, and soon the children and their parents will be as much as two weeks for the rest of the school and all the surprises that await them in the pages of textbooks.

< Website I gathered for you to specify on which your child will definitely not smarter, but they will raise the mood clearly.

25 tasks from textbooks, from which hair stand on end h3>

An easy way to please classmates.

The typical life situation.

You want - you compose, do not want - as you want.

The psyche is not every child a stand.

A little decay of the drafters of the workbook in biology.

Oh, those French loose morals!

Oh, Kostya, hello.

22 lyapa crazy from school textbooks h3>

Whether skis do not go ...

A train is clearly dissatisfied with something.

Yes, that really there, just a citizen of the world!

The textbook literature, what you're doing, stop!

"Ji Shi" write what you like.

You can just "Sanya, bratuha Che how?ยป

Accustomed to high-need poetry since childhood.

20 crazy surprises from school textbooks h3>

I'm afraid even to assume.

On the road with Katya happened that something was wrong.

Are you serious?

Well, is that really there to hide!

Russian textbook tells us to hurry up.

This question will remain unanswered.

I also can not read Korean.

The usual illustration of a history textbook for grade 6.

Who is the smartest? Let solve all the problems!

12 notes that adorned our year

20 SMS correspondences that have made this year

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