8 games for the New Year to have fun from the heart


New Year - a bright and childish joyful celebration when we are waiting for gifts, miracles, and especially fun. New games, competitions and skits - a mandatory attribute of the holiday as Christmas tree, champagne and gifts.

Website shares with you ideas for Christmas game with friends.

Changeling h3> Changeling - the name of the book (the movie), transmission lines, or sayings of the famous poem, where all words are replaced by antonyms (words of opposite meaning). For example, the statement-shifter from the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!" - "What a darling that my grilled meat! (How disgusting it is your fish in aspic!). Guests are divided into two teams, leading thinks of HRE, the team wins, which is faster and more guesses values.

Guess Who are you? h3> It is necessary to prepare a few white sheets on which characters are written and the place where they are. For example, "millionaire bath" or a "doctor in a plane." Lead is one player who sits in a chair with his back to the others. He was attached to the back of one of the sheets with a character, so that he did not see the signs. Next, the master and the other members ask him leading questions:

Where are you now? What are you doing? How do you get there? Who is around you? Who are you? a player answers the questions at random, and all the guests see the inscription on his back, poluchetsya very funny. This game can cheer up any company.

New Quest h3> The receiving party is preparing in advance bag with gifts and tasks puzzles. Guests reported that the bag with gifts mysteriously disappeared, but it can be found. All divided into two teams, and host gives the first hint-task, to cope with that, the participants receive the key to the next. Sami tasks can be any basis in their word games (including words to the permutation of letters, mini-crosswords, puzzles, encrypted images) that are designed for wit and ingenuity than for specific knowledge. The team that first reached the bag, picks out his gifts in the first place.

Strokes to the portrait h3> The principle of the game is as follows. The players of each team (at least 4 people in each) are built in the back of each other. Before the first players in the columns is put a piece of paper and a pen. And to the latter approach lead and shows a picture of (it should be simple) that the player must draw a hand on her back standing in front. Then the one who drew on his back, trying to understand what he so clumsily painted, and shows a similar picture on the back the next. The first column show the players that came before them on a piece of paper in the final version. The winner is the team whose design is even remotely resembles the original.

History h3> selects one participant who says that coming up with the rest of the story in his absence (the subject can be notified in advance that anything related to the winter holiday, New Year). Then the party returns, his task is to restore the events of history, asking questions that can be answered "yes", "no", "do not know". After The leader leaves, the remaining dogovorivatsya additional conditions:

If the issue of driving ends in a vowel - all answer "yes» If a consonant - meet the "no» If soft, hard sign, the letter " s "- answer" do not know » very unusual and funny stories. At the end of the game you can unlock the secret of driving.

New Year promises h3> Many people want to start living the New Year with a clean slate, so make a list of plans and promises. The game is as follows: Each of the guests of your list, then they are mixed, and leading in turn offers each pull one of them to read aloud, and guess who it belongs to. To make it funnier, you can write to the list is not the whole truth.

Tale h3> All participants but one out of the room. The remaining gets the text (can be any, for example, a few lines about Santa Claus), and tries to explain to him without a word to the next participant (participants are called one by one). What matters is that each succeeding player has seen only explanation for the previous player. In the end, the participants in reverse tell that revealed and understood.

What if h3> Lead selects the comic question that begins with the phrase "What if." For example, what if I want to sleep? The rest of the offer in a circle as much as possible non-standard options like "turn into a bear hibernate, and finally get some sleep." Those who can not come up with an option, it is a leading question and changes.

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