16 celebrities who have created a cool business

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We admire those who have found their calling, and wonder how they find the strength to do what you love, despite most of the work. Among the actors and singers, too, there are those who are in between filming and touring put into practice their ideas and achieved great success.

Site hoped that you will be inspired by their example and realize their dreams.

Jessica Alba — organic household products

In 2011 Jessica Alba founded the company, which produces eco-friendly cosmetics, baby and household products, The Honest Company. Affairs of the company are only in the mountain, according to the latest estimates, the business of Alba is $ 1.7 billion Two years ago, Forbes even named her the "richest woman of America, which achieved this myself."

Arnold Schwarzenegger is selling bricks

Arnold Schwarzenegger made his first state long before the movies. And it's not numerous titles and awards in bodybuilding. Once in the US, he and a friend engaged in the supply of bricks. It went up because of the earthquake, 1971 in Los Angeles. What he didn't sell: accessories for bodybuilding magazines with exercises, fitness equipment with delivery by mail. Thanks to the business acumen and subtle flair became a millionaire by age 30.

The Olsen twins — fashion design

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen recognised, successful and talented designers. They have twice received awards from the American Council of fashion designers of America as the "best designer of women's clothes." To date, they have like 4 brands of clothes and shoes: The Row, Elizabeth & James, Olsenboye, StyleMint.

Sandra bullock — film and deli

Sandra bullock can afford to star in their own movies. She owns a production company, Fortis Films, on account of which 12 films including "Miss Congeniality". In addition, bullock is the co — owner of the place called Walton's Fancy and Staples. It was a grocery store, bakery, cafe, flower shop and gift shop in one. Yes, she is a successful business.

Oprah Winfrey is a media holding

Oprah Winfrey became the telemagnate in 1986. Then she founded the production company Harpo Productions and began to lead the famous "Oprah". And later started a film Studio, magazine, online resource, radio and television. It is called the most powerful man in show business, and the state is estimated at $ 2.9 billion.

Brad pitt — manufacture of furniture

In 2012, brad pitt realized the dream with 20 years of experience and introduced the world to own furniture. And embodied the idea thanks to designer Frank Pollaro, who, seeing the sketches of pitt, could not remain indifferent. In the furniture collection Pitt-Pollaro has dining tables, barstools, chairs and bedroom sets. Of course, all furniture is on order.

Bruce Dickinson — the pilot

Bruce Dickinson, frontman of Iron Maiden, got a pilot license in the early 90s. When the popularity of the group went into decline, became a civil aviation pilot. Since then, he even arranged for a repair company, Cardiff Aviation. The amazing thing is that now, when Iron Maiden again at the peak, Dickinson did not leave the work of the pilot, and albums records on vacation.

Dr. Dre — electronics

Known worldwide headphones beats by Dr. Dre makes the Beats Electronics company, founded (you will be surprised) rapper Dr. Dre in 2008. Entrepreneurial skills of Dr. Dre really command respect, because in 2014 he sold it to Apple for $ 3 billion.

Jay Z — the record company

Jay-Z — real rap Mogul. He is the founder and co-owner of a very successful record company Roc-A-Fella Records, night club, basketball team, Brooklyn Nets, network of sports clubs and Creator of the clothing line Rocawear. And by the way, is firmly in 2nd place for number of albums ranked in the tops of the Billboard charts, right after The Beatles.

Lady Gaga is a social network

Lady Gaga, it seems, does not neglect any of your ideas. She has a perfume, a comic book store, a restaurant, a private social network, and even once had an electronics store in which she sold headphones Dr. Dre. Now she devoted herself to creating clothing lines.

Madonna children's books

Many actors and singers write their memoirs, or cookbooks. Madonna went further: she wrote children's stories. The first book of the Madonna became the most quickly sold among the authors of newcomers in the history of publishing.

Jackie Chan — movie theaters

Jackie Chan is well known worldwide and very popular at home. He is respected as a successful businessman and owns the company-distributor and three manufacturers of films. Also Jackie Chan is the co-owner of a large chain of 38 cinemas, the largest cinema complex in China, where as many as 17 screens.

Ashton Kutcher — investment

According to Forbes, Ashton Kutcher is the most important investor in 2016. A few years ago he and his partners founded the Fund A-Grade Investments and started to invest in promising startups and projects, among which were Uber, Skype, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Shazam Change.org. As it turned out, Kutcher is a very talented investor: the Fund has already brought its creators $ 250 million.

Celine Dion — perfume

Celine Dion is not only the divine voice, but the iron business acumen. Together with her husband they set up a company under the wing which has a chain of restaurants, nightlife and Golf clubs. But the most profitable of its undertaking — the issue of registered perfume. These flavors are so popular that over 3 years the proceeds from their sale amounted to $ 800 million.

Robert De Niro and restaurant business

The restaurant business is not uncommon among celebrities. However, the scope of Robert De Niro is really amazing. He is the co-owner of several restaurant chains. The most ambitious is a worldwide network of restaurants of Japanese cuisine Nobu, which has 32 restaurants in 28 cities around the world.

Sting — farm products

"If I don't eat, I can't sing," the intelligibility in the food helps the Sting in the business. A couple of years ago he opened a shop near his estate in Italy, where you can buy olive oil, honey, salami and wine. Sting is a talented winemaker, his wines are highly appreciated by the experts. In the year it produces 30 thousand bottles.

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