One day my friend pulled out of the linen closet for his wife and showed it to me…

Nine million two hundred eight thousand one hundred ninety two

A few months ago my friend asked me to come to him. He took me straight to the bedroom and took from a drawer a bag. Each took out a luxurious lace lingerie his wife and showed it to me, saying:

I bought this kit for my wife, when we first arrived in Paris. Think it happened about ten years or nine ago. She never did it, all were saving for some special occasion... I think now it is right this moment.

Each walked over to the bed and carefully put this story in lace and silk to the rest of the things prepared for the funeral. Yesterday my friend's wife died…

He stared at things, and then turned to me and said in a low whisper:

You know, now I understand that you don't have to save for something special. Every minute, every hour, every day that you live on this planet, is the very special occasion.

His words... They completely changed my whole life…

Now I read my favorite books, not set them aside for later. I often meet with family and friends and less working late. Only now I realized that all of our lives — it's an experience that has value.

Every day I drink wine from expensive crystal glasses donated to the wedding. Wearing the best costume, if I just need to go to the store. I started to use my favorite fragrance every day, and not only on rare holidays. Now the word "ever" and "once" banned from my vocabulary. Now I want to see, feel, hear, and do things here and now.

I think about what my friend's wife do if you knew that tomorrow she would be gone. Surely, she would've called friends that have not seen, would gather the whole family and went to a favorite restaurant…

I think that if my days were numbered, that all pending cases would hurt me and annoyed me. I think I would put out the fact that I never saw his old friends with whom I promised myself to meet "sometime later". I would be annoyed by those letters which I wrote, postponing them indefinitely. I'd be angry thinking that he had not told his friends about his love for him constantly.

Today I do not miss a chance to let in your life smile and happiness. I don't keep anything that didn't would give me positive emotions. I often remind myself that every minute and every day spent with me is something special.



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