Postures that will solve all the problems in bed! A gynecologist and a psychologist can help in a piquant question.

It's hard not to agree that sex is 50 % of the successful living together of men and women. But alas, it happened that many couples have problems in bed. The most common: size mismatch genitals, overweight that interferes in this matter, and the time to reach orgasm (he has, but it still has a long).

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Many people begin to close in on themselves or even ruin relationships. Edition «Site» talked on this subject with a gynecologist and a psychologist and ready to give you a spicy solution to this problem. As it turned out, two healthy people, in principle, can not be problems in this area. They can be solved.

Problems in sex
  1. The inconsistency of the size
    Gynecologist claims it's considered a problem even funny. That is to say, any key will fit the lock, and Vice versa. Here, perhaps, insufficient amount of lubricant that impedes good sex. Another possible problem is a very extended vagina in women after childbirth, which is also often found. But there are also a lot of poses for example , when a woman on the belly which will return pleasure in life.

    The psychologist says, the main thing — to be able to talk to each other and to seek solutions to problems. Only do not declare to your partner directly that you are not satisfied with something. Stay away from this thread from afar.

    So, if it is too big and the pose when the woman is on top. So she will be able to control the process and protect yourself from pain. If there is still a lot of space, choose the posture in which it can compress the buttocks and pelvic floor muscles.
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  2. Overweight
    Another issue that has more the psychological aspect. Sometimes, especially in men, prevents a large belly. But is it a hindrance? Calmly talk to your partner and explain that the poses that previously brought pleasure, now a burden. And to learn something new never hurts. You can always find a position that will give pleasure and the man and the woman.
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  3. Someone too quickly…
    Often, especially at a young age that during the act the man already had an orgasm and the woman not. This could be at a more Mature age, for example, if the woman is very impressive. In this case, you just need to pay more attention preliminary caresses. And women need to relax before the date. A romantic setting would be good too.
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Any problem is solved, if it is not associated with abnormalities and serious diseases. Just don't be selfish and discuss everything with your partner. And don't forget to share useful information with your friends in social networks!

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