8 combinations of products that will help you lose weight

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We all know that balanced nutrition helps to lose weight and improve overall health.

So we at the Website decided to make some cards with delicious and healthy combinations of foods that will help to make a step towards the ideal figure right now.

Vegetables and eggs 6a8b39e57a.jpg


Proof: ajcn.nutrition.org

Chicken and red pepper 855b54913b.jpg


Proof: ajcn.nutrition.org

Beans and corn 09caf70c83.jpg


Proof: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

Green tea and lemon juice a5c1f2276e.jpg


Proof: sciencedaily.com

Salmon and asparagus 42fdb93300.jpg


Proof: umm.edu

Almonds and Greek yogurt 6704cf98cf.jpg


Proof: ajcn.nutrition.org

Avocado and spinach 2c1dabd0d0.jpg


Confirm: livescience.com, jn.nutrition.org

Tuna and ginger c5f4621e97.jpg


Proof: sciencedirect.com

Also notice the combinations of products which you should avoid:

  • Do not eat proteins (meat, fish, eggs, etc.) and carbohydrates (bread, cereals, potatoes, pastries).
  • Do not eat acidic (citrus, apples, tomatoes) and carbohydrate food together.
  • Avoid eating carbohydrates and sugar, such as cakes with a sweet jam.
  • Proteins should not be eaten with starch, and also with other proteins (meat + eggs, cheese + eggs, meat + nuts, etc.).
  • Always eat fruits separately from the main meal, especially melon.
  • Milk is better to use separately or altogether excluded from the diet.

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