Cheated out or why it is important to clarify the situation

We are quite often disappointed in life only because reality does not coincide with our expectations. Then we start to resent others, to claim, to complain about a failed life. And why?

Because we did not get what I expected. Normally, we immediately seek to vent their anger about a man who, in our opinion these our expectations are not met.

We hoped that people can read minds, knows how to "do the decent people", has an idea about what you need to do in a given situation.

And he, as it turned out, not know, can not, have no idea. Or has, but his own.

And who is he then? A bad man, "radish".

Everyone should think like us! Isn't that right?

No, not so.

It just so happens that we are all different. We have different ideas about relationships, behavior, about right and wrong, of duty and necessity.

What we think our view of the world is the only right and everyone should think the same, only provides us with an ongoing series of disappointments and resentments. Therefore, if we are deceived in their expectations, then most likely we cheated ourselves, imagining an illusory picture.

Therefore, in order to protect themselves from unpleasant emotions, we should just clarify the interaction with other people that we were unclear or creates some doubts.

Often, the person who starts to use this simple technique reveals a lot about yourself and about others. Over time, he discovers that others also have the right to their opinion and this opinion can be different.

It is also worth to talk openly about their expectations and desires. This way you at least get to know the person whether he will be able to give you what you expect, instead of weeks to take offense to it because he didn't read your thoughts. published


Author: Alexander Klimkova

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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