New technology purifies water with elektrobatarei

Experimental center near Seville (Spain) in the framework of the project iMETland developing a new environmentally friendly system of sewage treatment, which can be especially useful for small towns.

The system operates without the formation of unpleasant odors, does not serve as a breeding ground for harmful insects, and does not include bulky industrial structures. Wastewater from nearby settlements are purified naturally by means of underground bacteria. At the core of the process is known since ancient times method, perfected with modern scientific solutions.

Researchers use electroactive bacteria, producing energy, recycling of organic waste. The benefits of this technology are quite obvious. Such microorganisms can purify water up to ten times faster than normal – if you constantly remove produced an electric charge. Therefore, instead of the usual gravel tank system is filled with a conductive material.

The purifier does not require any external energy sources. Here dirty water begins to interact with microorganisms capable of generating electricity. Bacteria cover the surface of a special conductive material, which on the one hand has the function of physical support, but on the other hand accelerates the metabolic processes that contribute to water purification. As a result, the system produces clean water without energy costs or incidental contamination.

Such a compact system can meet the needs of a small community. Waste water from the tank pass through the biofilter, giving output up to 25,000 liters of clean water a day, suitable for irrigation. The first systems have already been built in Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Denmark.

This technology can be used all over the world, not just near Seville, scientists say. It has been proved that this method can work even in very cold climates. This is possible due to the fact that the layer of biomass, which purifies water that is quite deep under the soil, and the process proceeds at low temperatures.

In this European research project also involved scientists from Denmark, who are experiencing a variety of conductive materials, to determine the most effective and the cheapest of them. Now possibilities of the material, which is the waste oil industry. The bacteria are fixed on its surface, and its electrical conductivity provides a flow of electrons that helps to break down organic matter.

Researchers have developed a special glass electrodes which are at different depths it is possible to measure the flow of energy generated by electroactive bacteria. Water samples are tested for degree of purification. To determine which material will be effective in a particular case, a set of valves at different levels to regulate the flow of electrons, correlating it, depending on how effectively water purification.

Further studies will help determine the optimal materials to be used for the rapid and environmentally friendly method of wastewater treatment. Scientists hope that their development will be a real technological breakthrough, which will feel throughout the world. published

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