The technology of creating a durable road surface

Company Porous Pave has just passed its own environmental milestone: 5 thousand tons of recycled old rubber used in the manufacture of permeable pavement.

This environmentally friendly building product made in the USA and is a material for road paving. Its components – the old recycled rubber, granite aggregate and liquid binder. The main source of rubber are old tires that are ground into granules with a size 3...6 mm.

Coating Porous Pave detains storm water, reducing the volume and rate of runoff in storm sewer pipes. The ability of conventional coatings to shed water is determined by the width of the gap between the elements. The cover Porous Pave the entire surface is porous: the proportion of through channels reaches 29%. In addition, Porous Pave is not slippery, frost-resisting and does not crack. It can work on slopes up to 30 degrees in a variety of fade resistant colors. published


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