Political cartoons about Putin

Political cartoons about Putin by the German artist.

Great genre telling jokes, stand-up comedy, he has like no other.
After all, during his speech, to be used even a fire extinguisher, which voobshche is just decoration.

Vladimir Putin- the only head of government who may ride,
and dive and shoot, and the furnace. However, multitalent can even more precisely, much more.

Few know that he owns the old art of combat robots, what had
convinced many combat robots. Defeated car transformed into a Lada.

No mobile? This does not happen in the Empire Putin. If necessary, he personally uses
his body to amplify the signal. (In the photo is written in Cyrillic German word «laden» - «charge»)

As a boy he was prezidentnee and shefee than others. When writing to the dispute, it is not only
managed to reach the farthest distance, but the jet fell a tree. Until today excellent results!


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