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Shaggy colorful pieces that are beautifully waving cheerleaders sports teams are called pipidastry.

Average mass of clouds - about one million tonnes.

In northwest Montana, USA. The water is so transparent that it seems like a shallow lake. Actually there deep.

In the Guinness Book of Records brought skillful Scot Redriga Shtelhema. Above these works he worked for about 7 months. On the first job he spent 3 months. The second about 4.

In China forbidden to save a drowning man, because it is an interference with his fate.

On average, an hour on the ground falls 270000000000 rain.

Crans-Montana, Switzerland.

Arctic rainbow.

People who have cats live longer and are less prone to stress.

One of the most beautiful places in the world - the underground lake that goes on under the surface of the body of the stone grotto. The lake was formed by the collapse of the limestone dome of an underground river. After heavy rains from the edge of the cave, with a height of 14 meters, a waterfall pours.

Wake up in the morning apples help better than coffee.

Blue roses, in fact, exist. It crossed the genes of white or black roses with pansies.

Millau Viaduct - the highest bridge in the world!

Pine Methuselah - the oldest living organism on the planet.

This pine tree 4843 years. It has grown from a seed that fell to the ground in 2832 BC.

In England, a pregnant woman can legally ask a policeman his helmet, if not around there another place for urinating natural needs.

UN tagging Internet access a fundamental human right.

Most big-eared animal on Earth is not an elephant. Champion among Ushastik can be considered the Mongolian or Chinese coney. 9 inch creature that hath ears to 5 cm long, which is more than half the length of the body.

IQ-rate people using IE, lower than that of other users of browsers.


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