"Tell me, captain, how did you lose your eye?"


At a table in a port tavern sits an old seasoned sea bass with a hook in place of one hand, a wooden prosthetic leg with a bandage on his right eye. Gathered around the young pirate was staring at him, one of them gathers the courage and comes to the old captain:

— You want to tell me how you lost your leg? — asks the young man.

Over a glass of rum I'm ready to tell you the story. — meets an old pirate.

A young man brings him rum, pirate drink it in one gulp and said:

— A leg I lost during battles in Tortuga. There I met a Spanish ship that my crew has boarded. I climbed over the side, but then the ship lurched, my foot got entangled in the ropes and had to be cut.

— What happened to your hand?

— Give me another glass of rum, then tell. — meets an old pirate.

The young man brought him a rum and froze in anticipation of the continuation of the story.

— So, I lost my hand during a skirmish with the Turks. I took them to the ship and went into the hold with loot, and there I was waylaid by the Turkish captain, who cut off my hand with my great sword. Had to attach to the stump of a hook, to somehow live on.

— Tell me, captain, how did you lose your eye? — lively young sailor asks the captain.

— Uh, no, this is a story I will tell for a bottle of rum.

The young man rushes to his friends, collects money from them and buys them a bottle of rum for the old pirate.

— That's another matter! he says, get what you want — Then look. Today at the pier I was spoiled in the eyes of a Seagull, and I had completely forgotten that instead of one hand I now have a hook...

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