13 comics about how our love looks before and after 30 years

Seventy six million two hundred sixty eight thousand six hundred sixty nine

For many, the 30th anniversary is a kind of psychological barrier. Some are afraid of this age, but we think that absolutely nothing. To be 30 years old, have a lot of advantages: you are still young, but already much smarter and more independent than at age 20.

Site remembered moments from his life and drew this comic.

Thirty four million four hundred two thousand forty two

Thirty eight million fourteen thousand two hundred sixty seven

Eleven million sixty thousand one hundred thirty nine

Forty three million five hundred thirty thousand four hundred ninety three

Fifty one million five hundred fifty six thousand eight hundred four

Seventy five million eight hundred fifty seven thousand three hundred forty two

Twenty nine million seven hundred ninety seven thousand five hundred ninety nine

Seventy four million five hundred ten thousand six hundred nine

Sixty seven million two hundred seventy nine thousand eight hundred twelve

Eighty million nine hundred forty three thousand six hundred fifteen

Forty four million one hundred ninety four thousand one hundred seventy eight

Eighty eight million four hundred ninety six thousand seven hundred seventy one

Seventy two million three hundred seventy three thousand five hundred thirty seven

Illustrator Astkhik Rakimova especially for Site

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