The kitchen in the apartment after the repair did not know! Thought out every inch…

About his the kitchen renovation our editorial said the woman Natalia from Minsk. She and her husband can be patient and yourself came up with a stunning design space. At the beginning of the repair, the young couple decided on style: he preferred the classics.

The couple was captured precise geometric proportions, natural wood, large expanses of glass and a large number of natural textiles.

Sixty three million eight hundred twenty four thousand forty

It is important to note that the young pair managed to preserve the unity of style throughout the apartment: design kitchen, hallway and rooms harmoniously together.

Kitchen renovation in quarterday to save space, the couple decided to use the window sill as a working surface. Also they make the most use of the space under it: placed drawers and an open shelf, where there was a place for books on cooking.

Seventeen million eight hundred seventy eight thousand one hundred fifty three

Ninety one million five hundred ninety seven thousand one hundred eighteen

The hostess had long dreamed to make a "chess" floor in the kitchen. Brown tone tiles have adjusted to the hue of the flooring in the rooms.

Thirty one million five hundred forty five thousand seven hundred forty five

The color and material of the facades of kitchen furniture (white wood) was chosen in accordance with the color of the furniture and doors throughout the apartment. Selection of kitchen furniture, was probably the most difficult process.

As the pricing policy of the stores left behind the unpleasant memories, the young couple decided to start looking on the Internet. Result: was found a provider site Italian fronts in Belarus. The couple decided to go the hard way: they ordered the fronts and housings for furniture separately.

Forty four million seven hundred three thousand one hundred nine

The kitchen they had planned to use for friendly get-togethers, so the choice of chairs is also devoted a lot of time. We stopped at the IKEA products.

Thirty one million six hundred eighty four thousand two hundred thirty

The choice of color of the walls occurred, as in the famous TV program "Housing problem" when you take several colors (cream, smoky blue, plum) and produce a trial color. I won the plum color!

Twenty million five hundred eighty eight thousand three

Fifty two million seven hundred forty nine thousand four hundred twenty three

Two million seven hundred forty two thousand nine hundred fifty one

Our editors inspired by this design! Perhaps you, too, have made design feats, don't forget to share your photos in the comments.

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