The secret to restful sleep revealed! It is only necessary to turn the bed...

It is no secret that healthy sleep — a pledge of excellent health and cheerful mood. And the fact that for good health a person needs to sleep about 8 hours a day, has long been known to everyone. But few people realize that some seemingly insignificant little things affect the sleep quality much more than snoring next companion.

The editors of "the Site" offers you to learn a few rules of design sleeping area, observing that you'll always be healthy and rested.

How to put the bed in the bedroom
  1. Bed height should be 7 inches above the knees, but the length — 10 cm more growth than the tallest occupant of the bedroom.

  2. The favorable location of the bed is against the wall. The bed headboard to the wall, create a feeling of security and comfort. But to place the bed near a window or a headboard in the corner is not worth it!

  3. So it is not necessary to place the headboard under the overhanging sloped ceiling. This adversely affects mental health.

  4. The bed should be placed in such a way that it was accessible from either side. Do not clutter up the path of a box with unnecessary items.

  5. Extra things are a barrier to recreation. Located in the area of sleep. Because each detail in the bedroom can accumulate and carry a particular energy. By the way, this also applies to old things that everyone loves to store under the sofa. Better find stuff to another place or not keep it in the house.

  6. Position the bed away from the door, after all the fuss and everyday things are not supposed to bother you in the bedroom.

  7. Sconces, paintings and shelves are not the place above the headboard. Nothing should hang over you!

  8. It is desirable that the door to the room was visible lying on the bed man. If the door is located behind the head or too close, sleep will be restless and anxious.

  9. If you want the relationship with the second half was harmonious, it is not necessary to give preference is divided into two parts of the bed. Such a clear line can be a cause of disagreements and quarrels.

  10. And remember that the bedroom should always be clean and fresh! Change bed linen at least once a week and don't forget that the mattress should from time to time to turn.

When everything is in its place, and its inhabitants will feel healthy, refreshed and full of energy for new achievements!

Keep these useful suggestions and will certainly share them with your friends.

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