Mystery failures in men

It is no secret that in today's world, men live less than women. They get strokes, heart attacks, carry out accident and perpetuating bad habits.

Death calls many men, but why they are like sheep, meekly going to the slaughterhouse? And although they are always surrounded by, Savior, Muse, and even the victims of their irresponsibility, they can't keep men thrust into the other worlds.


The hard way men of life. He is not friends with her. Death he is closer and dearer. Although ask him, I will answer, as expected: "I'm cool. I decide everything in my life. I have everything in order. And the fact that there is no money, so they are not important". And he said that going to succeed, but inside knows where it sucks... Since childhood, accustomed not to listen to her feelings, he this time would shrug off alarming bells in the shower. And like a great fish hooked on a mysterious fisherman from another dimension, kicking and tossing from side to side will still approach the beginning of the line. Some try to resist, but the forces are not equal too.

What power drives this appetite?

To answer this question, we need to have Knowledge. The basis of Knowledge lies the postulate that the INVISIBLE CONTROLS the VISIBLE. Ignorance many men breeds their arrogance.They believe just the opposite.

If this were so, people would have seen God. But He was, and forever remains Invisible.

The invisible is the cause. Visible — it is a fait accompli, a result.

First reason, then the result.

That is the reason which governs man? The answer will disturb most men.

The reason which governs man is the woman's CONDITION.

The woman his condition controls the behavior of men. It occurs in most women unconsciously. If women could manage their condition, feelings and emotions, they definitely could influence every step of men.

But they do, however, like a monkey trapped behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.The women alienate men, attracted to you, but as it happens, I repeat, still not aware of.

To describe the influence of woman on man is well suited to the ancient Taoist metaphor: "the Woman — Earth. Man is a Tree growing on this Land."

The Taoists were not fools and understand the Essence of things.They were aware that a woman can be silent and secretly relive a certain state, and her man, depending on her experiences or be a Winner, or turn into a Loser and slowly destroy itself. You will find the way to die.

Than the Earth nourishes the Tree it will become. Or mighty and flourishing, or stump.

The woman responsible for the Invisible: the feelings, emotions, state. Man, whether he wants it or doesn't want her impregnated state, being absorbed back into the Ground and filled with either her well-being, or its poison.

But how is it that a woman makes a man a Loser and pushes him into death?

The fact that a woman, living feelings, can not accumulate them. It is designed to SURVIVE ALL the FEELINGS and EMOTIONS, but our warlike civilization creates a lot of things not what not want to know, even to think.

War, revolution, dispossession, looting, loss of loved ones — that is our permanent reality.

And losing their loved ones, the woman should prescribe and dispense. But is there are people in our culture who can easily accept such a situation?


Testing unlived fear of loss, the mother begins to worry for her son and settled him in DISBELIEF THAT HE COULD HANDLE the SITUATION.

The mother is the main Ground that feeds man. It brings your subconscious on past losses, and her son can't this info to absorb.

When the mother is experiencing a fear of loss of her son, her sense becomes a command: "Repeat the experience of those who came before you! You have to self-destruct, be a loser and die!"

And as if she did not fight the mind with this treacherous feeling coming out of the subconscious like a poison smoke or a worm, eating away at the happiness of her child, she will not be able to stop it, unless you implement the main principle of work:


But while she doesn't know HOW to do it, she will read books and even this article and try to find a solution. But the solution is not in the mind, and pereprodavali feelings. Because for the mind everything will be useless. I repeat: as long as the mind will not allow the landlady to take in the pain of losing consciously. But HOW to do it?


And now attention!

The pain and fear of loss is a ancestral feelings that belong to those ancestors in the family who have lost a loved one.

It is the pain and fear of loss make not only mom to experience a lack of faith in his son, but women choosing their partners.

When a woman doesn't understand why she pushes the beloved of the relationship, she doesn't realize that her inheritance live the feelings of those women in her family that once upon a time already suffered from the fear and pain of loss.

Woman is not able to create a relationship with a man, saves him from himself, from the generic program in their DNA, which came from the suffering grandmothers or great-grandmothers and shouts: "Beloved, flee from me! With me you will not be good. With me you will be bent. You're stubborn to think that soon it will be a success, but you farther and farther to be attributed to death. I don't want you to died. Better let me stay alone, but you — live! Goodbye! I am unworthy of you!"

However, instead of suffer them and suffer from feelings of others, simply to return other people's feelings, the true owners.

You need to find in the family of these individuals and for them to pereproshit their feelings. Then the feelings will dissipate like smoke, and the fear of loss will be gone forever! You can live in dignity and to be happy. published

Author: Mark Ifraimov

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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