We are so complex that it is easier...

We are so complex that it is easier,
To decline, to the way things were to turn
To turn away, and with a warm crowd in the way,
And less resolved, and more to be solved.


We are so complex, it is time to go,
Finish the phrase, shut the door,
Because the earth continues to rotate
On the hackneyed words of hope and faith.

We are so complex that it is time to admire
Just sing the song and ripe Apple.
Let the crazies come to know and endeavoring to bail out
This strange land, green and white.


We are so complex that it is time to achromatise,
To become hand of the palms to feed.
Hurry to forgive, wait to say goodbye;
Let even just a little that the sky will last. published

@ Seva, Zelchenko

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

Source: sobiratelzvezd.ru/my-nastolko-slozhny-chto-pora-uproshhatsya/


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