3 principles of a happy relationship

For a successful relationship needs the 3 main points1. Physical attraction.

Mutual. If not, what is the point of all this. But in and of itself, it guarantees nothing. On it one will not get far.


2. When attraction all right, and second, that man was interesting.

As with each other. To talk, to communicate. Comfortable and relaxed around. To match interests and values. I think this is very important. But also does not guarantee anything.

3. There is a third point. Can be the most important. The same look at your relationship.

If she wants a family and children and he just wants to meet and enjoy each other. Or Vice versa. In this case, it is unlikely that work.

There is no future. Even if the attraction is there, and they're good together. A little sooner or later both will feel cheated. And it will become a reason for conflict and unrealistic expectations.


In fact, the first two paragraphs is about what relationships can be. About their content.

But the last paragraph about whether they can BE. At all.

But why do some people regularly choose such relationships that have no future?

Yes, just everything. And at the same time sad.

Our unconscious is very clearly understands who is in front of us. Already at the first meeting.
And maybe to her.

It is wise. And if these people we choose, then it is because the future in relations we don't want.

There is a fear of relationships. There is a sense of danger. Anything unpleasant or uncomfortable.

And then, the underlying intent is not to be in a relationship, and to avoid them. Whatever we didn't want consciously.

Author: Sergey Muchkin, especially for econet.ru

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