10 reasons to move to a new job every 3 years

Most people prefer stability, but you can't build a career if you stick to the usual place.

Why successful people change jobs frequently

1. Staying in the same organization, you gradually lose touch with the outside world. The horizon narrows, and you begin to think about internal priorities (corporate policy and current investment objectives), losing sight of everything else, including important developments in the industry.

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2. Shift work forces to meet new challenges and evolve in different directions — it is unlikely that this is possible within the same company if it is not growing at a frantic pace.


3. To understand that something you don't know, unpleasant, but it is in this state is the fastest way to learn. When you are familiar, part of the brain is at rest, curiosity and openness to the new it does not need. And changing job, you have to move in training mode, at the same time learning how not to suffer from feelings of incompetence.


4. Each time changing the place of work, you get the opportunity (and even forced) to assess their abilities with fresh eyes. Suppose you learned a lot at the old place and ready to be a head of Department, but this is impossible, because this place is occupied by your boss — do not worry, you can find a company where you need it. To rationalize their desire to stay can be a lot of different ways, but we sell experiences and new location and new position — an invaluable source of experience.


5. The more often you change jobs, the more confident you feel in the interview and the better bargain for future wages. Staying in one place, these skills will not develop!

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6. In addition, changing job, you develop intuition and learn to assess employers are not worse than they have, that allows not to waste time on unpromising options and increases the chances to find a place with interesting people.


7. Long remaining in one position, you begin to perform their duties mechanically, and new ideas appear all less often. A fresh look is simply necessary, it is not possible without creativity and enthusiasm.


8. Some companies do not like employees who often change jobs (some are suspicious even to a two or three year period). If this is your case, do not worry! It is even good that you did not take. Why go to work in a company that is suspicious to anyone who does not sit in one place for 5-10 years? She must have a lot of other shortcomings. Say thank you and move on.


9. The more jobs you change, the more people in your field will learn and the stronger your reputation will be. In addition, the change of work will make you more courageous in new situations, and they occur regularly in business, and learn how to cope with them will help only experience.


10. The longer you stay in one company or even changing positions within it, — the tougher the boundaries of your comfort zone and the more often you shut it down, so it is wider. If this is not done, sooner or later you will believe that for anything apart from routine work, not fit, and lose the ability to see their capabilities. Shift work helps to break down these artificial boundaries.

Remember, you can do whatever you want, no matter how much you may sit in the same place.

Do not allow anyone — including the employer — to limit myself. Build your own career! published 


Author: Ty Aranova

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