20 reasons why women live longer than men


Science claims that for many reasons women on average live longer than men. The most obvious of them is that the first do not and half of those are ridiculous and very dangerous things that others believe something completely normal. Seriously, guys, what are you thinking at this moment?

The website has gathered for you the evidence which will leave no doubt that the risk for males the middle name.

Fortune favors the bold d3b232c7aa.jpg

Rules are made to be broken 230c26e048.jpg

Insurance is too expensive 28983d6256.jpg

The best way to get to the window a61654af61.jpg

Brilliant 6f2de94ba2.jpg

Kicked out of the circus and had to go electricians 8bea690265.jpg

And he's fitter 780fb439bb.jpg

The main thing is to be careful on the turns b9bb2d92e5.jpg

Trying to figure out how he get in there? f2f4db2cd4.jpg

Guess what happens if someone pushes the door? 96d022ebbe.jpg

Professionals safety to anything c97a0f68a6.jpg

Yes who do I need it? 3221f617cb.jpg

The coolness of this photo surpasses 5f967b05e7.jpg

Still nothing happened, but I have a funny c64ca4bb5e.jpg

When boss will be here any minute, and you forgot to hang the flag dda7a1e0a9.jpg

Regular lighter for wimps febf5b6fac.jpg

Well, how else to do it? 6b8eba7ab1.jpg

For the sake of work, even the feet do not mind 58346989ff.jpg

Boundless trust in Jack dc63065354.jpg

I wonder where he was aiming? c89988536d.jpg

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