17 hell of a life comic about this to your adult and independent life

Thirty two million one hundred eleven thousand five hundred fifty six

Sarah Andersen (Sarah Andersen) is a talented artist who with inimitable honesty and irony draws funny comics about everyday life and situations familiar to everyone.

Site selected for you a fresh batch of sketches of Sarah, as always laced with a generous portion of sparkling humor.

Thirty six million one hundred eighty nine thousand eight hundred ninety four

Twenty six million four hundred eighty three thousand five hundred fifty eight

Ninety two million eight hundred forty three thousand five

Sixty four million two hundred eight thousand two hundred ninety six

Seventy eight million eight hundred ninety five thousand three hundred sixty one

Twenty seven million four hundred twenty five thousand seven hundred sixty nine

Thirty three million sixty eight thousand nine hundred nine

Sixty eight million six hundred eighty four thousand five hundred fifty four

Ninety four million five hundred eight thousand eight hundred ninety one

Ninety one million two hundred twelve thousand seven hundred eighty nine

Sixty seven million five hundred sixty three thousand four hundred ninety four

Six million thirty four thousand eight hundred forty five

Seventy four million three hundred fifty seven thousand three hundred forty four

Sixty two million seven hundred fifty six thousand eight hundred five

Twenty nine million one hundred thirty seven thousand one hundred seventy one

Thirty four million eight hundred thirty eight thousand one hundred twenty seven

Forty eight million two hundred eighty two thousand one hundred sixty five

Source by Sarah Andersen, translated with permission
Photo preview Sarah Andersen

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