10 cool things from movies that you can buy actually

Companies often use the love of fans by releasing anything with a favorite character or symbols, but sometimes we are even thankful for it.

Today, the Website has prepared for you a list of the best things embodied in reality, so you can feel part of a favorite movie.

Candy Bertie Botts "Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone"

In the first film of the series "Harry Potter," the young hero meets a magical candy Bertie Botts any flavor. Ron warns Harry about what tastes there is really a variety of from chocolate and mint to the spinach and tripe. Now the works of the company Jelly Belly you can try your luck on the taste.

Sneakers with avtodorojniy "Back to the future — 2"

This futuristic Shoe that was every teenage girl's dream, watched a cult film from 1989, is now absolutely real. Nike brought the idea to life, and a little tightening to 2016, introduced the world to their version of glowing and samozashnurovyvayuschihsya sneakers. Dreams come true!

Duff Beer The Simpsons

Famous drink, probably prolonging the life of Homer Simpson for over 30 years, to the delight of fans, appeared on the market. After numerous attempts to counterfeit the product it took the company 20th Century Fox, however, due to the failed launch of the famous Duff beer can now be found only in theme parks Universal.

Marshmallows Stay Puft "Ghostbusters"

A fictional character marshmallow company from the original "Ghostbusters" has now become quite to itself edible and available online. Sure you know what to do to defeat the Marshmallow man.

Tea set "beauty and the beast"

If you are a fan of disney classics and afternoon tea parties, this finding will be of your liking. Variations of the service, its quality and cost will depend on your preferences and selecting Internet sites for purchase.

Shrimp Forrest Gump

Due to the influence of the infamous movie network shrimp restaurants Bubba Gump has grown to several dozen branches around the world. After all, as he said himself, Bubba, "shrimp is the seafood. They can fry, boil, stewing, baking, pickling," and then listed ten ways to serve, which was enough for a modern restaurant.

Chocolate Willy Wonka "Charlie and the chocolate factory"

After an amazing trip to the chocolate factory, many could be tempted to try those sweets. So for all those who wanted to taste the delicious, creamy "Rapture" Wonka, the opportunity to realize the dream.

Iron man suit Iron man

Have you dreamed to be in place for everyone's favorite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist? Alas, this is all possible only if you possess at least second quality. The Chinese company The Toys Asia has created his own replica of the iron suit cost $ 360 thousand Costume opens and closes, flashing lights, weighs about 80 kg, but the being inside, and especially the flight and using the repulsors are still not provided.

Soap Fight club

This is probably the only soap that is able to tell you in the forehead that you are not unique and are common in organic mass, like all the others. Unlike its counterpart from the film, this soap bar is made from waste liposuction, it is quite a regular, decaf and a stamp.

Big Kahuna Burger pulp fiction

How Samuel L. Jackson described the fictional Hawaiian power supply in pulp fiction, it sounded so good that a number of companies began to use this name as the name for his restaurants, as well as the names of the products they sold. Now there are many similar places all over America, and, of course, Hawaii.

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