Things animals do as well as people

If you have someone in the bus or bed called the "animal", offended in any case impossible.
Because the person in itself belongs to the order primates, class mammals.
Unlike human brothers and sisters, our smaller not leave behind garbage and indifferent to money.
And of course, in many animals, many things turn out better than we do. Or worse. And then the animal can rightfully to call others like him being "a man».

For example:

1. Parrots give their names to the young

Because of disagreements on the question of what to call the child, many parents quarrel and do not talk to each other for a few days, silently going through the minds of all known to them, as well as fantasy names. The main criterion - that teased at school to neurosis. Olga Christina or be undoubtedly more convenient than Lucretia or the Olympics. Anyway, my father at the christening rename.

Parrots priests and schools there, but the problems are the same. For as well as dolphins, crows and primates, the kind of language used Ptakha and unique calls of facing the various members of the pack. That is, within the community of parrots, each animal was once called, literally. And not necessarily "Kesha" or "Butt-fool».

When scientists learned that the parrots are calls of identification, naturally there is a question: who and how they are appointed? Themselves whether the birds choose their nicknames? Maybe it does pack leader? Or the parents of a new member of the community? In search of answers, in 1987, a group of ornithologists from Cornell University went to Venezuela, where he made a film about the relationship between wild adult parrots and their funny chicks.

It turned out that the names of the young parrots still give their parents before malyshnya learn tweet. And when the chick will grow up and become independent, he gets right to rename itself by appointing a "nick", too, however, different from the father and the mother-given name. After the parrots do not sit on the internet.


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