7 stubborn people who are sent to hell with the system and refused to give up their homes for demolition

The rapid growth of cities leads to the fact that the construction company demolished the old quarters, and on their place to erect high-rise buildings or shopping centers. And while, of course, be sure there are people who don't want to leave a nice nest where they raised children.

Of course, some persist just because they are not satisfied with compensation, but sometimes this opposition becomes a real feat of the spirit, and the owners become national heroes.

The website has collected some curious cases where old-fashioned houses were surrounded by roads and modern blocks, or even on runways of airports.

Building on "sacred ground" in Miami

Ishmael Bermudez lives in a tiny house in a prestigious district of Miami, surrounded by luxurious high-rise buildings. Developers offer for his shanty nearly $ 2 million, but Ishmael refuses to leave. He argues that this section, which has a source — the sacred land of the Indians, and they lived here even before the American continent was untouched by human hands. Ishmael independently leads the excavations in his backyard and says that the land is full of ancient artifacts.

House road loop

In China there is a law according to which the house can not be demolished, if tenants do not consent. This rule, as well as rapid construction in the cities has led to the fact that in China most of the examples, when the old houses sticking out in the middle of the roads or high-rise blocks. They even gave the name — "house-nails".

In the city of Guangzhou had to demolish the house to build a highway. But some families refused to move out — they did not accept the compensation. And then the house built around the roundabout. I wonder what think now these people are watching day and night for rushing past the Windows machines?

Not opened pizzeria Austin Spriggs

Austin Spriggs lived, Yes lived in a modest house in Washington, and then in 2006 decided to build huge office buildings. The man became a local celebrity when he refused to sell his house even for $ 3 million And then was built around a huge building of glass and concrete, and the house remained standing sandwiched between them as a monument to the perseverance of the owner. Austin had planned to open a pizzeria and, given the huge number of office workers in the area probably dreamed that he would live like a king. But something went wrong, and to give a loan to the Bank, he was forced to sell the building. This time for just $ 750 thousand

The house in the pit

The municipality of Chongqing has prepared the site for construction of a modern quarter, but the homeowner refuses to leave. The house have no electricity and water, and the owner walks with buckets to the river per kilometer. On the house — the Chinese flag and banners: "Hands off private property."

A farmer in a Japanese airport

A dramatic confrontation between the Japanese farmers who do not wish to leave familiar places and Narita airport, Tokyo has been ongoing for several decades. The airport is forced to defer expansion plans. The courts, disputes and persuasion do not amount to anything — stubborn stand on his own, resentful of the fact that no one asked when they decided to build the airport. The poor continue to live here and work and admit that they do not hear each other because of the monstrous roar of the aircraft. And so a farmer generally lives on the territory of the airport (on the first photo to the right is the plot fenced in).

House on the road

Authorities in the Chinese province of Zhejiang has decided to build through the village road. But the elderly couple out of this house refused to go — according to them, they offered too little compensation, which would not be enough for new housing. Part of the house was demolished, leaving only one entrance. Luo, Baogen (pictured) and his wife lived for some time by candlelight and without water. Now the house was demolished — they were able to agree.

The building, which inspired the creators of the cartoon "Up"

Edith Masefield was a real national hero, and her centennial house to which the drive trips and the fence which tourists tie balls, still stands in Seattle. Edith settled in this house in 1966. Just a few years the city has covered construction boom. All attempts by developers to buy her house to build an office or a shopping center, a woman answered a firm "no". In 2006 she was offered $ 1 million, but the 84-year-old woman again refused and instantly became famous. Then the company built a shopping and entertainment center "around the" mansion.

This story became the basis for the movie "Up" where the hero is faced with a similar situation. And the cabin itself is also very similar.

The name Edith Masefield became a symbol of the fortitude of the little man who is not afraid to deal with huge faceless corporations. A few years ago the old lady died, and the house, came in a state of disrepair, was put up for sale. Local activists are raising money for its restoration.

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