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About Patriarchy, the power of women and the ability to say "no."

Actress Jane Fonda in an interview with brie Larson for the magazine the Edit, spoke about their most personal reason to be an activist women's movement. The fact that she was raped and sexually harassed in her childhood, Jane shared for the first time.

About the Patriarchal system

I grew up in the 1950s, and it took me a long time to do feminism rule my life. Men who met me on the way were awesome, but still victims of a Patriarchal system of beliefs, and I felt humiliated. In the end, I decided that I would not give up just in order to please the next man.

Can the example to show the losses Patriarchy to women: I was raped, sexually molested as a child, I was fired because I refused to sleep with the boss. And I always thought it was my fault – that I didn't give back.

I know that young girls were raped and not even know it was abuse. They think, "it Must have happened because I said "no" incorrectly, is unclear,".

The women's movement did for us one very important thing – forced to realize that violence and harassment are not our fault. Have been raped, and it's wrong.


About the active position

I became an activist at age 31. When I figured out what was happening in Vietnam, I did not care whether I ever work or not. I was thinking to leave the business and go completely to the activities of the activist. My father was terrified, he could still remember the 1950s, when the careers of many people were destroyed, thought that black lists of Hollywood back again.

A proactive stance can bring in the movie in different ways. I started acting in those projects that reflect my values, I started to produce such films. I think my acting skills, thanks to the activism has improved, because I began to see things more widely.



I'm almost 80 years old. If you think strategically and to count on the long term, then you need to take care of themselves. I sleep more than eight hours every night, meditate for half an hour twice a day, eat the right food, doing exercise.

I always say to activists: "It's a long struggle, so you need to be strong." One of the reasons for starting my fitness program was that I knew for a fight need to keep my body strong.

I once wrote a woman who worked on my program: "one morning I was brushing my teeth found the muscle on her arm, which was not there before. That day I went to work for the first time and spoke with the chief on equal terms." To be brave it's easier when you feel strong.

About the age

I was afraid to become older, but realizing my fear, I accepted it and tried to understand.

Then I left work for 15 years and thought that the only who will never play is woman in age, but it still happened when I starred in the TV series "grace and Frankie".

People think about the age, as a certain arch – you're born, reaching middle age and then falling into decrepitude. But instead archesageing can be represented as a ladder up: the older you get, the more developed and unique personality develop.

I wish I was a good mother. I didn't know how to do it. But it can be learned, and I learned how to be a parent. It's never too late to do – I always try to make up for the lack of knowledge.

When I die, I want my family together. I want my family loved me, but it must be earned, and I'm still working on it.


About Hollywood

I think it's just a nightmare to be a young actress. So often need to undress, and it is even greater emphasis than on appearance. If you look as sexy and strong as Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck or Mae West, it is not necessary to be naked.

If I, when I began my career, asked: "What are you wearing?", I would have thought that these people are insane. Julie Christie made the damn dress for the ceremony "Oscar" when she received the statuette for the film "Darling."


The difference in pay

On top of acting career in the 70s and 80s I never paid a lot of money – and I never thought worthy of them. I just thought that that's the situation, boys receive more all. And I'm so glad that now people are increasingly talking about this issue and I sincerely resent this inequality.

I'm always very hard to deal with situations where I have used it. It took me 60 years to learn to say "no". Any suggestions I agreed and didn't know how to fend for themselves. Now I can say: "No, it's a piece of shit. I don't like how you treated", and leave. It would have been different if I had known it in his youth.published

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