These signs are always "loyal", because they were born under "this" with stars date of birth for them all already predetermined. Why some representatives of the Zodiac signs constantly talk back, and the second are compelled to forgive?

5th place — CAPRICORN
Capricorn – very difficult to communicate. Stubborn is their middle name. They will never do what is not soul. Calculating, cold, heartless creature, very ill sign of the zodiac. Capricorns are rarely who are treated with respect, so their circle of friends is always limited.
People born under the constellation of Capricorn, painfully dependent on praise. They do not tolerate disrespect to himself, though to others are too critical and ruthless. It's a terrible stubborn, to communicate with which is simply intolerable. Terrible conservatives and moralists, Ibex condemn everything that does not fit with their notions of correctness. A Capricorn is sometimes very hard to communicate, and all because they are stubborn and never make concessions.
In the family of the warden, in a collective tyrant. Pedantic, no sense of humor. His life's purpose is to suppress others. Intellectually below average, primitive beats of animals, children and those who are weaker than him physically. The representatives of this Zodiac sign believe that to agree with an opponent in any matter is to give themselves and their point of view.
Capricorns have a small circle of friends because they tend to engage in disputes and openly show his impatience. With Capricorn very difficult to work and conduct business negotiations. They do not tolerate boredom, so surround yourself with the most worthy representatives of the powers that be. If you suddenly fell in love with a Capricorn, then you will need a whole lot of endurance and patience.

4th place — AQUARIUS

Aquarians are very specific in communication. They value only their opinion. They can easily blame someone to justify themselves. They are purposeful, but sometimes very oppressive. Aquarians have a particular mind, but often, emotions are taken up, and they begin to leave the faithful and the previously set course of movement.

3rd place — GEMINI

Twins, someone is always somewhere to pull. It is not easy to sit still, so they took an honorable third place. They are bright, talkative and whimsical. At critical moments they wear a "mask of indifference" or even of cruelty and leave the "ball", not saying goodbye to anyone. The opinions of others for their empty words. They have their own fantasy world in my head. People born under this sign, seven Fridays in a week. Their mood is changeable, as well as their plans. The twins are very sociable but in spite of this, really close friends there. This is not surprising, because they are unreliable and duplicitous. These people have a vivid imagination, and often, love much“embellish” their stories. Gemini is cunning. It would seem, saw through them, and there it was, again you lose. Checkmate.

2nd place — ARIES

Aries is extremely impulsive personality. They are able in 15 seconds to destroy what was built over the years, and it's not only work projects, but also their relationship. They are always right, and if they are wrong, then you just have to admit that they are right. Such a simple rule exists in their lives. If you like Aries, be prepared that world for more than 2 days will not, but the fire will be ignited constantly. Passions will be boiling constantly.

1st place — SCORPIO

Scorpions – the most sinister villains in the entire zodiacal Kingdom. They always achieve what they want. For them nothing is impossible. They have a very cruel attitude to the world, the super ego and vindictive nature. So here's the bottle "treachery." For them – it is their own property, so if you are in their network, you are forever in their bondage. Any kind of relations with the representatives of this Zodiac sign threatening dire consequences.


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