What is a split system?


Split system – a device having different types, different power, different modes, but is intended primarily for one purpose – regulation of the climate of any space. These air conditioners consist of two parts, external and outdoor. The outdoor unit is the noisy part, so it is always placed outdoors. The indoor unit has no meaningful criteria for installation, so it easy to position in any to use the space inside the room.
Split systems are good that is not directed to one only cooling but also heating of the room. If you switch the device on heating, the evaporation of the substances will be in the outdoor unit, condensation in the inner.
The division of systems into types:
1) Column,
2) Wall,
3) Cluster,
4) Channel
5) Floor-to-ceiling
The differences of all these types from each other lies in the facilities of and in the place of fixation of the indoor unit.
Let us consider what are the different types of these units:
1) Columns are mainly located in premises which occupies a significant place, such as rooms. Power is quite a high value from 5 to 14.5 kW.
2) Wall mounted split systems are located in residential areas, they are not very powerful, in contrast to the conditioned column type – up to 5 kW.
3) Cluster and channel are similar in structure and use, their power is also high, as in a column device.
4) Floor-ceiling air conditioning good in rooms that are rectangular in structure, they evenly distribute the air throughout the room that allows you to remove stuffiness from the room.

How does a split system, and what is its fundamental principle?
Any split-system based on the ability of a liquid to absorb heat, which occurs by evaporation. To start the compressor enters the substance (Freon gas initially), then compression, is heated and recirculated into the condenser, which in turn blows cool air and the freon begins to change from a gaseous state to a liquid state(liquid), highlighting when it is warm and heating the air in the air conditioning
What are the advantages of split systems?
Air conditioners regulate the room climate, regardless of which area your room is, what the species is (rectangular, square, etc.). Split systems are able to deliver the consumer from lack of air, providing a comfortable climate for living. Air conditioners are also a very convenient location that can not fail to please the consumer (the indoor unit can be placed anywhere, and the external unit to carry out, thereby isolating the noisy part of the room).



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