The world's first split-system refrigerant R-32 from Daikin

By the summer of 2016, Daikin is a world leader in the production of air — conditioners introduced the world's first multi-system MXM-M operating on refrigerant R-32. Today, R-32 is one of the few refrigerants that do not Deplete the ozone layer of the planet.

In contrast to standard split systems, multisplit system allows you to connect a single outdoor unit multiple indoor units of various types and power. Therefore, the system cools or heats multiple rooms indoors.

"Climate change as a result of increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere — a critical social problem that our company is trying to solve, — said General Director of the company Daikin Masanori, Togawa, which is why we develop and promote technologies that minimise negative impact on the environment."

In spite of numerous prohibitions, millions of household split-systems worldwide still operate on outdated R-22 refrigerant. According to the Agency for environmental protection (EPA), over the past twenty years the concentration of R-22 in the atmosphere doubled, that was one of the causes of global warming. In Russia the import of equipment containing R-22 has been prohibited since 2013.

In 2013, Daikin, the turnover of which exceeded € 15 billion, got the top 100 innovative companies in the world by Forbes.



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