And homemade fresh cut flowers and plants for outdoor sowing from Holland and Colombia

Why most flowers and potted plants at the store come to the client already "not presentable" appearance? The problem is that most of the flowers are transported for a long time, and in General, plants do not receive proper care.

Most high-quality flowers is considered the plants from the Colombian, Dutch, Ecuadorian and Israeli fields. It was there that they receive the necessary care, especially for the timely collection and proper packaging prior to transport. Of course, for these flowers were in our stores, you must spend a great job that requires constant monitoring by managers, consultants, and florists.

A variety of colors from Jaaz-flowersКомпания Jaaz-flowers is a major supplier of fresh cut flowers and potted plants. The huge demand and reputation of the company was formed through a professional service, regular and most importantly timely deliveries of flowers and plants. At the moment, Jaaz-flowers offers:

  • huge selection of fresh cut flowers. All products are exported to major European and Latin American plantations;
  • plants for open ground. So, clients are not only individual customers but also large organizations dealing with landscaping of entire cities;
  • indoor and ornamental plants. This is one of the most diverse segments of the floral products. From small to large, bright and smelling, seasonal and blooming throughout the year.

Company Jaaz-flowers operates both retail and wholesale. Constant demand allows fast delivery to all regions of the country. With this, you will always get fresh and well-groomed flowers that will please your eyes for much longer than those bought at a regular store.

The advantages of ordering flowers in the company Jaaz-flowers
The benefits of ordering in Jaaz-flowers include:

  1. Professional service. Consultants are ready to help with the choice, spend a little tour of the range and together with you to place your order.
  2. High-quality products. Assembly, packaging and decoration flowers are a professional florists who are from a pair of colors to make a real smelling composition.
  3. Affordable prices. Strange as it may sound, but the flowers are of Dutch or Israeli origin are cheaper than those that can be found in ordinary flower market. This is due to the fact that in our country all orders are transported in bulk, which greatly reduces the cost of flowers.
Jaaz-flowers does a tremendous job, gives customers not only fresh flowers but also the joy of good shopping.


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