What did this Asian girl really shocking! Power of makeup or too much?

With the help of cosmetics to really introduce a person into error, changing drastically his face.

Shocking macugnaga women modify or even hide the shortcomings of their appearance.
What she did is truly amazing. Shock Korean!

Puppet appearance, smooth white skin, fluffy lashes, wide-open eyes. However, only a few movements with the use of tools for removing makeup — and she is absolutely transformed!

And here is the video that blew up the Internet, typing as at today, over 10 million views! Look at the whole process of transformation with my own eyes.

This Asian girl got shown everyone how much you can visually enlarge the eyes, and change your face with make-up.

What do you think it is a shocking transformation: the power of makeup or too much?

Share this video with your friends and see how they relate to the makeup!

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