Here's how to choose the right shoes! Choose only such.

Pumps — the heartthrob of many women. But not all women know how to choose not only stylish but comfortable pair of shoes. The "right" shoes will give a feeling of lightness, comfort and bliss of the present.

Today, our editors will share the secrets of proper selection of heels. Remember these simple tricks and you will never go wrong with choice of shoes!

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  1. The first method will not be difficult. Doctors say that casual shoes must have a heel not more than 2-4 cm

  2. The second method will help you to choose shoes with the perfect heel height for you. Use this simple formula: ((height/foot length)-1,61)*10. For example, my height — 170 cm and leg length — 80 cm, Substitute these values into the formula: ((170/80)-1,61)*10 = 5,15. Thus the perfect height heel for me is 5,15 see

  3. To select the front pair of shoes, you can use this simple trick: you need to sit comfortably on a chair, extend leg forward (this is not to pull the sock) and measure the distance from the heel to the forefoot pads. The resulting number is the natural slope of your feet, which is equal to the height of the front heel ideal for you.

Wish you to Shine as often as possible in beautiful and comfortable shoes! Learn even more tricks that will help you choose high-quality shoes.

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