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Once upon a time lived a girl who could do everything in this world that she wants. The only thing she has left to do is to choose what to stop.

So, one day she sat before a blank canvas and started to draw. Each following stroke was more perfect, slowly and gradually the picture has become a flawless masterpiece. And when the girl, in the end, finished the painting, she proudly looked at his work and smiled.

The clouds and the stars, which looked at the girl, it was obvious that she had a gift. She was an artist. And she also knew about it. She felt it with every fiber of his soul. But in a few moments after she finished the painting, the girl felt anxious and got up quickly. Because she realized that having the opportunity to do in this world anything, it was just wasting my time in applying paint on a piece of canvas.

She felt that in the world there is still much that needs to be seen and what can be done. And that if she wants to do something then just sit and paint would be a waste of time. So she took a look at your masterpiece one last time and walked out the door, into the moonlight. And when the girl came out, she thought, and then walked on.

She walked and did not notice that the clouds and the stars in the sky that is trying to tell her she was too busy picking out what she needs to do. Before it opened all the possibilities, but we had to choose one or the other. Should she practice medicine? Architecture? Or to teach children? She was completely puzzled.

Twenty-five years later, the girl burst into tears. Because she realized that was a very long time and that for many years she was fond of all that one can, and in the end have not done anything substantial at all. She finally realized that life depends not on opportunities – nothing is impossible. Life depends on making the decisions to do something that is close to you.

Then the girl who has long grown up, bought some canvas and paint at a local store, went to a nearby Park and began to draw. Every brushstroke gracefully switched in the next, as it was many moons ago. Smiling, she continued to draw all day and all night because she finally made a decision. And she continued to revel in the magic that is always there in life.



But, but (there's always a "but") ...

Life is much more than your Hobbies, isn't it?

You are absolutely right. For example, not all Hobbies bring income, at least not in the short term. Most of us have families they need to feed, got bills to pay. Life really is more than just Hobbies.

But it must be passion!

The key is to understand that she needs to attend to, but it doesn't have to be everything.

The short story above is not about what you need to give up all the obligations to follow his passion, he that should not be your passion, dooming themselves to an unhappy life.

When you discover something that nourishes your soul and brings you joy and excitement is what really matters to you – make sure to find a place for this in my life, even if I have to save a little time on other things. But if you find that you do not have time to redo all of your important things, discard the irrelevant: avoid watching a TV show, stop with the small talk in social networks. Treat their time.

In the end, you make the journey to your goal, and your passion is the fire that lights your way. Without passion it is impossible for something to achieve in life. Hot human heart starts beating stronger when you have a passion, big or small, that absorbs you, frees your energy and gives meaning to your life. Some oppose this, believing Hobbies blank stupidity. This is nonsense! Honestly, most miserable people I've ever met in my life, were those who had in life no Hobbies. Passion and satisfaction go hand in hand, without them, any happiness is only temporary, because it is not what makes happiness last forever.

So know that if you needed a special day to surrender to his passions, that day came today.

Here's some trivia, which is worth remembering:

1. A big part of your life is the result of decisions you make for yourself. And if you don't like your life – if it is completely devoid of excitement and passion –the time has come to make changes and make the best choice.

2.Life should be fun, not suffering. You CAN follow the path that you are leading anywhere. You can always do something small and positive that will make you happy.

3. Waking up in the morning, try to think about their actions for the upcoming day, and for good reason. Unlike everything else in your life (money, entertainment, commitments, and so on) lost time is the one thing you will never be able to return.

4. It's not what you are going to do and what really will. If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If you do not, you will find an excuse.

5.Your Hobbies are your integral part. Never regret that they have dedicated some time and think about what you could spend your day differently. There is nothing more important than your passion, it is never a waste of time, even if it turns out not soon.

6. If some important target fully captured your heart, and your mind, take each day a little time to achieve it, then your life will gradually fill with positive energy.

7.We need to stop telling yourself that the reason for our unhappiness and failure lies in other people. They decide not all.

8. The more we fill our lives with genuine passion, the less time and energy we waste in search of approval and admiration.

9. Your body may be tired, you can sleep at night, regretting past failures, you may miss your only love, you may feel that the whole world is against you or that your dignity trampled enemies. There is only one thing that will always help you to heal – to re-discover what you care about and then immerse yourself in it. This is the only useful thing from which your tired brain will never give up, which is not subject to any influences from the outside that will never cause you fear or doubt, and which you will never regret.

10.Make today just one small step. That's all. True purpose has no time limit. True passion has no expiration. Do not rush yourself and nothing to regret. Just do what you can do right now, only one small step in a big way.

Be passionate...

Because at some point, especially when you squeeze, you have to wonder what you are doing and why.

Most of those people who actively, step by step, realizes his dream, unlike those who lie on the couch, you know about the many difficulties of life – perhaps due to bereavement or crisis – that life is short and that we need each day to benefit from the invaluable opportunities it gives us. We must use the potential of our body and mind, and direct your will to achieve something.

Of course, we can't do everything and we can't do. Sometimes we have to give up that pleasure for the sake of what is important. Sometimes we risk to waste your time and effort. But in life, if you risk nothing, you risk everything.

So go ahead and risk a little today.

Feel some passion.

Discover the love.

And get started.

Immerse yourself in the magic of life


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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