Know how to grow up mentally healthy people?

The importance of unbiased adoption

Know how to grow up mentally healthy people? Mental health and well-being formiruetsya largely when the experiences of the child are not challenged and do not question.


This means that the phrase "This soup isn't good" it is possible to give very diverse answers, from a gentle "Well, how tasteless, you just don't try"(read as "You feel is wrong") to radical "Shut up and eat" ("I don't care about what you're experiencing").

With adults is exactly the same.

When you're scared, it's important to hear that you have the right to be afraid and you will not turn away. When you're angry, it is important that the other person could just listen and nod, not giving any estimates (sometimes a best friend is someone who listens, and nods, Yes).

The presence in the life of a man who knows how to be with your feelings and not trying something to do with them, is experienced as very valuable and Napanee. But equally important is the ability to Samovodene.

That is, the ability to create within itself a space of non-judgment acceptance. Sometimes that's all not enough.

The ability to be alone, the ability to be your own support. When the interior ceases to be a combat zone, it turns out that in total it is enough for life. And if something is not enough, you can still find a way to live with it.


Author: Olga Sushko

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