Living situation: untie the knots of the past!

The past is present in us in two ways: 1. This can be events that happened to us, influenced us, but then lost its importance, disappeared just as the food we eat: it builds our body, but we stop noticing it as soon as it became part of our flesh, our blood, our muscles, our life.

2. But the past is also present in us in the form of unresolved problems, in dreams, in nightmares, memories, meetings or other kinds or in other people's stories, in which we unexpectedly encounter a description of our own circumstances and horrified that we have to endure them again.


It's like the past does not become our flesh, rather, it exists as neprejete, "undigested," and therefore alien traumatic inclusion.

What happens if to look him in the face and ask ourselves the question:

"If I am a man now who did this, or not?"

If I stayed the same, it is not the past this is my present and now want to get rid of one or the other way.

In the memoirs we are able to relive their past until until we solve all the rising problems. Until we met the situation from the past face-to-face until I solved a particular issue, he will persistently return in the form of disturbing memories, nightmares or images.

How to live again, how to get rid of that disturbing?

Anthony bloom writes:

" accept that the past is so deeply concerned, as the grace of God. ..."

When I remember some event, try to return to the circumstances of the time and relive this event again, but to survive on the basis of new experience, the experience of past years. And then ask ourselves the question:

"Did(a) I want the same thing, pronounced(a) would be the same words, that five, seven, forty years ago?"

And you need to put this question until, until I can say with all my being not only out of fear, but on the basis of all life experience, all the years acquired maturity: no, being in the same situation, I would not have done(a); with all your mind and with all your heart, all your mind and flesh deny this, the former(ll) "I" died(La).

I remember one person came to the priest and said, "I Have a problem: many years ago I went wrong. I can tell you about your sin or wrongdoing, but to repent I can't, not because he did not admit his sin, but because I have an absolute clear sense: the man who made his twenty – twenty-five years ago – not me. I'm not the same person, that person died, I can describe his actions, but I can't from your face to bring them to repentance, because I am not him."


We are given to live and live again, with the inevitability of a return to all — wrong, painful, ugly situation from our past so that the inside of the newfound maturity to allow them to banish them, how to untie knots and release. published


Author: Tatiana Egorova, the texts Anthony of Sourozh

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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