The chef of the famous restaurant shared his culinary tricks. No. 8 has facilitated my life!

Have you ever had something that you tried a dish at a restaurant, then found the recipe, cooked up, but it was absolutely not the same? And it's not special food, because you bought the best. The secret lies in simple tricks that often used by chefs.

Edition "Website" will tell you 15 brilliant culinary tricks, which will turn into your favorite activity.

Cooking tips
  1. If you use the dish of raw onion, soak it in ice water. It will become less sharp, and most importantly — will not leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

  2. If you bought a too strong coffee, which has a very bitter taste, do not worry. Before cooking add a pinch of salt and some cinnamon. This trick will give your beverage a milder taste and a divine aroma.

  3. If you make a salad of fresh juicy vegetables, salt it before you refill it. So in the end you do not get soup instead of salad.

  4. So the meat had a silky texture and moderately fried, fields of the slices with a mixture of corn starch and egg whites. This trick will help you to cook a very juicy and tender meatthat will melt in your mouth.

  5. To make the perfect cakes without a recipe, mix equal amounts of flour and sugar and eggs need to take as much as oil. Just bear in mind that this refers not to the volume of products, and their weight. The maximum difference in the ratio of eggs and butter can be 20 %. So it is useful to stock up on kitchen scales.

  6. Always add a little salt in the dough. Just half a teaspoon can enhance the flavor of other ingredients and spices. You can use absolutely any kind of salt.

  7. Add to the sauce a teaspoon of peanut butter or mustard to them to have a more pronounced taste and aroma. Especially good to apply this trick when the dish to simmer.

  8. If fried eggs are you fed up and poached you don't want to bother, then this trick is for you. Crack the eggs into the pot or pan, like you're going to fry them, but instead of vegetable oil pour water. In the end you get a perfect egg with a liquid yolk.

  9. Add a little vodka to the dough for the pie. After baking you will get a very crispy flaky crust. Don't worry, during cooking the alcohol evaporates, so that the taste of baking this life hack will not spoil. You can add brandy or rum to give the cake a certain piquancy.

  10. If you love making iced tea with fruit, add a pinch of baking soda. It neutralizes tannin in tea.

  11. Another trick for a perfect roasted meat. Blot it with a napkin until it is dry, put some salt on it and put it on the pan without cluttering it. Bear in mind that it must be well heated. To use best frying pan stainless steel or cast iron.

  12. Add in beef patties is a bit of breadcrumbs. So they will be better to keep the shape and get slightly crispy.

  13. Always heat or cool the dish for serving to a temperature of meals. This will help you an oven and a refrigerator, respectively. Especially this trick saves when you lay the table for guests so food will take longer to maintain its initial temperature, and taste.

  14. To make the chili thicker you will help crushed chips, if you do not have corn flour. To prepare this sauce, mix first the flour (chips) with beer, and then add pepper.

  15. Add a little corn starch to fried or scrambled eggs, they turned out to be more airy and delicate. In addition, this trick will save the dish from burning.

These little secrets can greatly improve the level of your culinary skills. Do not forget to share lifehacks with your friends!

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