The technique of rejuvenating and healing the body

If you are a fan of massages, you definitely need to try Oriental techniques.

Their advantage is that during the procedure, the impact on the manual point. Thus, when performing the rejuvenation and recovery, recovery.

One of the most popular techniques today – massage Guasha. If you still don't know what it is and what are the benefits of massage, please review our publication.

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Massage Guasha scraper: indications

For its implementation, the specialist uses the plate (scrapers), which affects the sensitive spots. The massage therapist may use several different techniques. Scrapers also are different, depending on what purpose the procedure is carried out.Therapy is indicated for various problems:

  • for removal of cosmetic defects,
  • rehabilitation and prevention of diseases,
  • for the treatment of diseases.

Guasha helps to relieve headaches, back pain, joint problems, women's diseases. Massage accelerates the treatment of diseases of the respiratory, digestive, violations metabolism. Therapy helps to eliminate swelling, relieve you from insomnia, relieve tension and muscle spasms, strengthens the immune system and the cardiovascular system.

As for beauty trends, the procedure improves skin tone, prevents aging, removes cellulite. Another indication massage – problem skin with many blemishes.

To scrapers gliding along the skin, the therapist uses special oil for Guasha. It includes as vegetable oils and essential. You can also use a normal massage oil.


Massage Guasha for face and neck: tech

The procedure can be performed with a 25-year-old, to prevent aging and combat the first wrinkles. Therapy rejuvenates and builds the contour of the face, improves blood circulation.

  • For conduct is necessary to use scrapers of smaller size. Movement as soft, don't press down on the skin.
  • You need to visually divide the face into two parts – right and left. First perform the massage for one side, then to the second.
  • Use a scrubbing motion in the range of 7 to 12, starting from the Central part of the forehead to the temple. Then do exactly the same movements and the same amount from the nose to the temple. Now down below – from the corners of the mouth, then the chin area.
  • If you want to improve skin tone on the neck, continue the procedure from the lower lip are scraper to the neck 12-20 times.
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Massage Guasha: video, tips

Through this video you will learn how to perform therapy independently. And still we recommend to take special courses that clearly show you how to work with different zones.



Back massage Guasha

After application to the skin oil you must prepare your back for the procedure gently.

Start with the neck. Scratching plates in the direction from the cervical vertebra down the spine. Plots of no more than 10 cm, slowly descending lower and lower. At each site scratching 10 times.

Pay attention to the blades – scratching from the neck to the armpits. Repeat 20 times.

Lower back processed from the spine to the sides.


What are scrapers used?

For therapy specialist uses plates of different sizes. For body massage use a larger plate. In stores you will find options of copper, horns of large animals and minerals. It is believed that one of the best scrapers are made of jade.

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What to do after the procedure?

As during the massage your body is exposed to stress after the procedure you need to dress warmly and for the next few hours to drink large amount of water and herbal teas. After Guasha can not take a shower or bath for 6-7 hours.

Duration and frequency

The massage is performed every 3-4 days, this time is enough to ensure that the traces after the procedure is gone. The number of sessions depends on the nature of problems (from five to ten sessions).


ContraindicationsTherapy has virtually no contraindications, but it's there. It is impossible to massage people who had a stroke, diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, dropsy. Prohibited the procedure for those who have thrombocytopenia, problems with the nervous system, heart disease, varicose veins, sensitive skin, renal diseases, Oncology.

Women also need to cancel your booking in certain periods during critical days of pregnancy and feeding, the presence of scratches or wounds on the skin, high blood pressure.published 


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