5 fatal mistakes that can cost you your relationship

You've been dreaming about it and finally found love! Feeling a little giddy, and you together. A month, a year, maybe 10 years? Psychologists say that the duration of the relationship often depends on ourselves, and the causes of the breakup of most couples are very similar.

The website have compiled for you a list of the most common mistakes that could ruin your relationship, if not in time to take action.

It is impossible to achieve happiness in love, trying to be someone else. Somehow, falling in love, we completely forget about it and begin to adjust to the partner. Striving hard to win the approval and admiration of its second half. But love is not for ideal. Want to attract truly native soul? Be yourself! We present, with all our mind, much more chances for a long and happy relationship.

Extreme, opposite the first, — we accept ourselves as we are, but the other is really want to redo it. Led to the exhibition, giving clever books, loudly admired physique models, hinting a favorite that they have something to fix to please us even more. Few people can withstand such pressure is that people with very low self-esteem. But do you need such? Stop trying to dictate the rules. Build relationships with the positions of the two adults. Everyone has flaws, but good qualities, which is to appreciate people.

After reading romantic stories, many single people believe that once you meet your soul mate, to replace the dull grey days come eternal holiday. Therefore, the first difficulty for them is the beginning of the end, the relationship is wrong, and a loved person is "good enough".

In the relations between the periods of happiness are replaced by constraints. Don't be afraid of them. Complexity is fraught with enormous power, because they can transfer the relationship to a new level.

You cannot build a new relationship, unable to endure the right lessons from the past. We are talking about internal processes: resentment, unspoken claim, the inner conviction that all women/men are bad and can betray at any time. Anyway even with every petty dispute isaffecting current relationships, gradually undermining them.

What makes people truly loved ones? Sincerity and openness! This does not mean that it is necessary to pour on my head the whole second half of your stream of consciousness. Talk about what is important to you, be interested in opinions. It also works in the opposite direction: they learn to listen and hear the other. If something in human behavior makes you feel uncomfortable, calmly and without complaints tell about it. Adults who truly respect and love each other, can share almost everything without fear of being misunderstood and ridiculed.

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