10 largest animals that ever lived


There were times when the kings of nature were creatures much larger than us — these prehistoric giants! And one of them still lives on Earth, you know?

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Ampicilina c03487aeaf.jpg

Ampicilina is the largest animal that ever existed on Earth. These herbivorous dinosaurs lived 145-161 million years ago. A single vertebra ampicilin equal to 2.5 meters.

Titanoboa 4e9a73c3f9.jpg

Titanoboa — a close relative of the boa constrictor. But much, much more. Titanoboa lived 58-61 million years ago and reached 13 meters in length. Modern reticulated Python can grow to a maximum of 7.5 meters.

Megalodon 3a51a39abf.jpg

Megalodon was the apex predators that lived 3-28 million years ago. Only one tooth Megalodon barely fit in the hands of an adult. Its length can reach 20 meters, and weight reaches up to 47 tons. The bite force of Megalodon were equal to 10 tons!

Argentavis 8b28e5eb61.jpg

Argentavis lived 5-8 million years ago. This is one of the largest birds in the entire history of the Earth. Its wingspan was nearly 7 meters and he survived on rodents.

Bolshereche deer ef65fdd870.jpg

Giant Irish (Irish) deer appeared a few million years ago. When the forests began to close on open spaces, giant Irish deer extinct — with their huge (more than 5 meters in scale) horns they just could not move among the dense branches.

Giant short faced bear 78e9d2d49f.jpg

Giant short faced bear (bear bulldog), erect, reaching a height of 3,5–4,5 meters and had incredibly powerful jaws. He was one of the large predatory mammals that lived on Land during the ice age. Males were significantly larger than females and can reach a weight of 1.5 tons. 14 thousand years ago, the bears-bulldogs extinct.

Gigantopithecus 6547e268f9.jpg

Gigantopithecus was the largest APE of all time. They lived about 1 million years ago. On rare remains to make firm conclusions difficult, but scientists believe gigantopithecus was 3-4 meters, weighing 300-550 kg and ate mostly bamboo.

Paraceratherium db5f9a121d.jpg

Paraceratherium (paraceratherium) lived 20-30 million years ago. They are relatives of modern rhinos, but the horns they had. Paraceratherium is one of the largest land mammals that ever existed. They have reached 5 metres in height and weighed up to 20 tons. Despite the impressive appearance, they were predators and fed on leaves and branches of trees.

Quetzalcoatl a332d9dcf1.jpg

Quetzalcoatl lived 66-68 million years ago. It is the largest pterosaur and largest flying animal in the history of the planet. The wingspan of the quetzalcoatlus is estimated at 12-15 meters, and he ate carrion, and small vertebrates.

The blue whale 94474a0880.jpg

The blue whale (sometimes referred to as a blue whale, or blue whale) is the largest animal alive today and one of the largest in the history of the planet. Its length is 33 meters, and weight — 150 tons. It feeds on plankton and sometimes small fish. To 60-th years of XX century, blue whales nearly exterminated, leaving only 5 000. Now blue whales are not more than 10 000 and meeting with them — a rarity.

Reconocen 889752cd2e.jpg

Reconocio is the largest known arthropod. They can grow up to 2.5 meters, and there were 248-510 million years ago.

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