Words of love

Half of the puzzles like "he could do so quickly cool down?? and why she suddenly changed her mind??"related to what you say or write some garbage. You self-centered and stupid in such a thin and delicate sphere of romantic flirting. So your fans, groupies and disappear so suddenly.

Master love correspondence can drive you crazy in a short correspondence, so that the other party will not care what he looks like. And you have to be a real wizard thugs by correspondence, to quickly turn away from someone you have already liked at the meeting. Congratulations to you.

Thirty nine million four hundred seventy one thousand nine hundred thirty seven

You can have a diploma of higher education best University and even three diplomas, you can be a good professional at work and intellectual circle of friends, but the love of communication — it is something special, it is necessary to learn separately, if you want to provide yourself in it the same stability as on the job. At work you are improving all the time for your career to grow.

And love is something that you expect to receive just so, whenever he wants.

But your new girlfriend is not your mother to love you just like that. It is easily carried away by someone else, if it will be with you and sadly you will not cause her any sexual desires in the process of communication.

If bored she will become after the wedding and after the birth of your three children is likely to exert a lot of effort to save your marriage, will cherish his sense and diligently to maintain his attraction to you. She will be afraid to lose you and it will warm her up. But if your relationship is in the beginning and your OZ is not so much that she wanted you to no matter what, any your stupidity in correspondence or in communication before, after sex may cause cooling. But if in the process of copulation you blurt out something not that, you can Unscrew it from him for long. At high your Sz, you can afford very much, even carry complete nonsense, to be a Killjoy and talk dirty, she will swallow everything, and even if it becomes unpleasant it can suddenly make it the law of the threshold reactions. But if your Sz yet small enough inappropriate words, so she thought, "he's some kind of terribly unsexy, I feel like a woman and him a man, I will not sleep with him, don't want to force myself, suddenly more pregnant". And that's all.

The same applies to women. The man even analyze will not, if he is not a psychologist and not a writer, why he liked you and suddenly everything you went. Passed okay. He'll just start to avoid you. And the reason is your language. It is better to be silent.

Seventy million five hundred seventy five thousand four hundred sixty six

This story by guy de Maupassant are so beautiful and precise that will result it here completely. It is small.

Guy de Maupassant. WORDS OF LOVE


Dear my fat cock! I don't write, don't I see you, and you did not find the time to come. Don't you love me anymore? For what? What did I do? Tell me, I beg of you, my love! I love you so much, love so much, so much! I wish you were always with me and that the whole day I could kiss you and call you, my heart, my beloved kitty, all the tender names which come to mind. I love, love, love you my beautiful cock!

Your hen Sophie.


Honey, you, probably nothing will understand that I'm going to tell you. Anyway. If my letter accidentally gets in the eyes of some other woman, it will help her to be good.

If you were deaf and dumb, I, without a doubt, would love you long time. The trouble is that you say – that's all. One poet said:

You best watch, carrying bow my ardent,
Was only a violin, banal and simple,
And Aria in the empty chest of a guitar,
My lived the dream in your soul is empty.

In love, you see, is always singing dream; but to dream sang their can't be interrupted. But when two kissing talking, always interrupting the heady dream of creating a soul, if not to say the words sublime; but the sublime words are not born in the little heads of pretty girls.

You don't understand, isn't it? The better. I continue. You're undoubtedly one of the most beautiful, one of the most charming women I have ever met.

Whether in the light of the eye, which would have been so many dreams like yours, unknown to so many promises, so many of everlasting love? Not think. When your smiling mouth and full lips reveal shiny teeth, it seems that this charming mouth is about to pour the ineffable music, something fabulously sweet, to gentle sobs.

And in that moment you quietly called to me: "My beloved fat rabbit." And I think suddenly that I sneak into your head, see how it's moving your little little soul pretty women, pretty women, but... and it's, you know, I was terribly depressing... I'd rather not see it.

You still don't understand, isn't it? I was counting on it.

Remember how you came to me the first time? You came suddenly, bringing with him the scent of violets, veauche from your skirts; we all sat in silence for a long moment staring at each other, then they hugged like crazy and then... then until the next morning did not say.

But when we broke up, our hands were shaking, and his eyes spoke something... which is not to Express in any language.

At least I thought so. And, leaving me, you whispered: "see you soon!"That's all you said, but you will never be able to imagine the kind of haze of the dreams you left in me, or that I foresaw and that I seemed to guess your thoughts.

You see, my poor child, for men intelligent, sophisticated, any outstanding, love the tool so complex that the slightest trifle upsets him. You women, when you love, do not see the funny side of some things, and the enormity of the ridiculousness or other expression eludes you.

Why is the word appropriate in the lips of the little brunette, that sounds completely false and ridiculous in the mouth full of blondes? Why playful gesture one does not fit another? Why some petting adorable when they come from one woman, and only embarassing to us from another? Why? Because in everything, but mostly in love, we need a complete harmony, a perfect match of gesture, voice, words, expressions of tenderness with the appearance of the woman who moves, speaks, expresses something with her age camp, the color of her hair, the character of her beauty.

Thirty-five year old woman, saved in this age of strong and violent passions in any of the tender playfulness which marked was the love of her youth, and not understanding that she needs to speak differently, look differently, kiss differently, that she should be Dido and not a Juliette, will inevitably turn away from the nine lovers out of ten, even if they did not know the reason for his departure.

Do you understand? No? I thought so.

Since the day as you like from the tap, beginning to pour out on me the flow of your tenderness, for me it was all over, my friend.

Happened, our kiss lasted for five minutes, endless, passionate kiss, one of those kisses when I close my eyes, as if fearing that he was not lost, scared by the look when you want to keep it entirely in tumanovskaya soul, which he empties. Then, when our lips broke away from each other, you said, laughing loudly: "what a delicious, fatty my dog!"In a minute I was ready to beat you!

You've given me consistently all the names of the animals and vegetables who knew thanks to the housewife, an Exemplary Gardener and the Basics of natural history for elementary grades. But that's nothing.

Lovemaking, if you think about it, raw, animalistic and even worse. Musset said:

"I can't understand one thing: how is it some women who know all the irresistible temptation of transparent and patterned silk stockings, all the captivating charm of tones, the magic of precious lace, hidden in the depths of intimate garments, all the thrilling beauty secret luxury of fine linen and all the subtle inventions of feminine grace, as they do not understand the insurmountable disgust which give us inappropriate or silly tenderness?"

Rude word sometimes does wonders, spurring the body, makes the heart give a start. These words in the hours of battle allowed. Is the word of Cambronne not sublime? All that time, not bothered. But you should be able to shut up and minutes to avoid expressions in the spirit of Paul de Kock.

And I kiss you with all passion, but provided that you won't say a word.




Author: Marina Komissarova


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