Levels Of Awareness

We love to write about mindfulness in all its manifestations, whether it be mindfulness of body, mindfulness of mind or just life lessons.


The response to the problem: to find someone to blame, blame him. Susceptible to disease, failures, they actively suck egregorial structure negative emotions.


The response to the problem: to find someone to blame, blame him and actively fight against him, proving his innocence. Subject to illness, conflicts, accidents and a particularly tasty morsel for the structures that feed on negative emotional reaction.


The response to the problem: the search for answers, a desire to understand why it happened. Less susceptible to disease, trying to find ways to rectify the situation. Often provoked egregorial parasitologie structures, if conducted, again falling into Victims or Fighters.


The response to the problem: a quick decision to rectify the situation, do not spend energy on the search for the causes. Almost sick, successful, joyful, egregors cooperate or have their own ways of protection against them. Can also but rarely be provoked, then fall into the category of Victims, Fighters and Seekers, but as a rule... not for a long period.


The response to the problem: Oh, cool. Watch and take care of it, and can yet see, then correct itself. Healthy and happy. Sometimes down to the Players below for the sake of adventure, or if their exquisitely provoked.


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As the subconscious mind forms the fate


Avali (sources).

They have no problems. Full of harmony. On the Earth of the third dimension are not met.

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Source: theeva.org/6-urovnej-osoznannosti-a-gde-nahodishsja-ty/#.WHOrV1OLTIU


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